Hi from Chiang Mai (the first email)

Well, I know its been a while since I’ve been in touch with alot of people, but now feels like the right time to start mailing and keeping you in the picture. Loads of shit has happened since I set off at the beginning of June, and pretty much all of it has been cool as!

I’m in Chang Mai, Thailand, at the mo having a wickid time….. but this time a week and a half ago I was sitting in Lynmouth, North Devon, re-charging me batteries!!!…..Crazy shit, I know….. but its the type of shit I love!


Ok….this is what happened. I was in the Jungle in Northern Laos on this thing called the Gibbon Experience……

*pukka experience…. this french geezer has built tree houses connected through the jungle by zip lines which are up to 400m long and up to 300m high across the jungle valleys………. fan-fucking-tastic!!!! The deal is you try and see the Gibbons, but I just got hooked on running along the jungle trails and doing these zip lines…..if the Gibbons wanted to join me they were more than welcome….otherwise I was quite happy to let them swing freely in the trees undisturbed. I didnt give a monkeys to be honest with ya!….that was so bad πŸ™‚

…….and was in this tree house, in the most remote spot I think I’ve been-45 minutes trek and 4-5 zip lines from the next nearest human being and miles from the nearest village. Anyway, as I sat there wacthing the sun set I thought…..you know what…I wanna go to Devon to whats still my most favourite place in the world, and I dont particularly wanna be in Bangkok for my Birthday being offered “ping-pong” shows and being acosted by lady boys telling me “they’ll love me long time”. NO…..I WANTED TO BE IN A PUB WITH MY FAMILY DRINKING A PINT OF PROPA BEER!!!!!! And there was a couple of people it was important for me to see.

So with that decided, I was heading for home. I got back on the 3rd Aug and flew back out on the 17th. I’m sorry that I didnt get in touch with everyone, please dont take offence…it wasnt personal, its just I had a limited amount of time and alot I needed to do….and I also discovered I was completely cream crackered and had been running on adrenelin for my journey back. As soon as I stopped I felt wasted!!! But I tell you what…if you ever experience the sense of freedom you feel to do something like that, its absolutely 24 carrot PUKKA!!!!

Anyway, I was glad I did it, not least cos there’ve been floods here which I would have been caught up in if I hadnt followed my heart and popped home!!! And I got to have my 30th in a pub….fantastic!!!….. yeap….. Millers 30 now…. shut the fuck up….. its all good and I’ll still rock you under the table!!!

So my trip so far has been……

Bangkok- lots of partying, cool time, saw thai boxing and avoided “ping-pong shows”.

Angkor – Magical time, was there for summer soltice-cycled along the jungle road in pitch black to get there for sunrise, just using the siloutte of the trees against the night sky as a guide, propa adventure!!! Felt like indiana Jones alot of the time, climbing and chilling in various ruins. Met a cambodian girl who had a moped, so she let me drive it and we visited sites miles away…cool as. Her brother was an English teacher so I ended up teaching English in a little village school opposite Angkor wat!…..yeah me…teaching english……to cambodian kids…….in cambodia….you cheeky bastards!…..I do speak english you know….at least a varient of it!!!….. but it was fun. I almost got them singing “I’m forever blowing Bubbles”, but after the Micheal Jackson incident I didnt think it was a good example to be setting kids πŸ™‚

Angkor Watt

Phenom Phen- Met a Scottish geezer whos lived there for 15 years and who turned out to be the biggest drug dealer in Cambodia. He invited me down to his pad by the lake. It was cool as…. really colonial looking. The geezers got a bloody armoury of weapons for when the police raid him…… which they’ve done twice….. last time about 6 months ago!!! Apparently they had a face off for two days. In the end Wayne said him and his boys started throwing beer cans in the air and shooting them. The police didnt like that….got their uniforms wet! He was a cool geezer, as long as you’re on the right side of him….I could tell he was the type you wouldnt choose to cross though!!! Was telling me about his attempts at Thai boxing though…. he goes “Lee…. its like fighting someone with 4 arms…. you aint got a chance!!!”

I went Thai boxing training a couple days ago…… bloody hell….i t was good, but theres some hard bastards there! If a little yellow dude treads on my toes in a bar over here…..I think I’m gonna buy HIM a beer!!!!

With that ladies and gents, I’m gonna call it a day for now…. just realised I’m writing a novel!!! Anyway, if you’ve been polite enough to read all of this… thanks for your attention….if not, then I can call you anything I want cos you aint gonna see……. YOU BLOODY MERCHANT BANKER!!! πŸ˜‰

To be continued

Love and Light,


Author: Lee D Miller

I'm a bloke from Barking who has travelled the world and done his best to learn and enlighten. There's so much to learn and you cant do it all in a classroom. The World is the classroom and it's important that people wake-up to that fact.

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