Miller and the Ayers Rock Adventure Part IV

Bloody hell…….I’m gonna have to cut these mails down to size cos I cant keep up with all the wonders I’m experiencing and the sorted people I’ve met!!!!! I’m having such a pukka time. Will briefly let you know the journey from Ayers Rock so far……. Kings Canyon….. Alice Springs……. Coober Pede…… Kangaroo Island…. Adelaide….. pukka job working out in the outback doing mineral exploration, driving 4×4 and quad bike for 15 days (that’s all to come baby!!!!)…….. Perth…..the Pinnacles….. Monkey Mia…. Coral Bay….. Canyons/National Parks/Waterfalls/Water Holes I cant even remember the name of……. sleeping out on 80 mile Beach….. and am presently in Broome…… heading to Darwin…. you know what I’m saying…. it just took me 5 minutes to write that!!!!!!

Reading back over my last mail, I realise I was getting a bit deep into stuff, but all the things I talked about were the thoughts I was having as I was walking around the Rock, and I think it’s important for me to remember those exact thoughts cos I know there’s a truth there. On this trip I’ve been talking to many people about these matters and trying to understand the different perspectives and where they originate from. All of what I’ve discovered is from what people have told me (and how I’ve felt when they’ve told me), in their own words, because I know that there’s one thing which is more important and powerful than the actual facts of any issue…….. and that’s people’s perception of the facts (the British Labour Government know that all too well).

So I’m gonna continue just talking to people to see where they’re coming from…….. and keep my eye out for those extreme white liberals!!!! (I’m calling them white cos in my experience they invariably are!!!!). They do get on my thropney bits!!!! At least with an extreme right fascist you know what you’re getting….. a ship and anchor who wants to control you and withstrict your rights……. they’re more overt in their principles. But you’re average extreme white liberal……. well…. they talk about your freedom yet simultaneously restrict your right to free will if it opposes their doctrine on reality….. they’re hypocrites and covert in their principles and I bloody hate them!!!!!….. Oh my God…. there’s still hate in my heart….. I’ve still got some work to do!!!!! 🙂

Aaaannnnyyyway…….. if this spiritual malarkeys “not your bag baby”, then skip this next bit cos it’s about to get a whole lot deeper. I’ll put a line under the end of it so you know where the fun begins again!!!!….. That’s if you’re still interested….. no offence taken if you’re not.


So…….something told me to go up towards the cave. It was my higher self…

* Just quickly…. you’ve got 7 main chakras….. 3 of the physical self and 3 of the higher(spiritual) self, with your heart chakra balancing in between. That’s why you should always follow your heart, wherever it takes you, without fear and tredipidation, because it knows what its doings and will always take you on the right path because its the place where you can best interpret all of what’s being communicated to you.*

…. So I followed my heart and reached the cave. It didn’t feel right to enter it, so I just looked in and then sat a couple of yards from its entrance, taking in the beautiful views that surrounded me. Now the thing is…. around Ayers Rock its really green, with trees and shrubs up to about 15 feet tall…. very suprising, but the most pleasant of suprises!!!!!

As I sat there I just had the feeling to lay back and close my eyes, so I followed the intuition and felt very comfortable. It’s very difficult for me to explain what happened next….. I haven’t the words or vocabulary to describe exactly what I felt. Infact, I’m not entirely sure if the words exist….

As I lay there, I slipped into what, at first, seemed to be a doze, but then felt completely different to that state of being. For the next half-hour to 40 minutes or so, for what must have been 3-4 minute spells at a time, I slipped into an awareness I’ve never experienced before. I had an awareness that only my thoughts existed and I’d lost touch/sense with my physical body and couldn’t hear or feel anything around me. It felt like only my consciousness existed, surrounded by nothingness….. yet….. paradoxically….. by everythingness. It felt like a place where two polarities simultaneously existed in the same place….. where my individual consciousness was away from, yet part of, a greater consciousness….. I haven’t the words or maybe the understanding to take that description of that any further….. I just know that it happened.

….. When I came to, I sat up and reached for an orange from my bag. I started to peel and eat it (carefully putting all the peel and pips in my bag), at peace, taking in the stunning views. I didn’t think…. “Oh man…. I just had the most amazing experience”…… I just thought…”Well that was interesting”….. and got up to continue my walk.

* When I was out working in the outback, I was in bed with Coldplays X and Y playing on my walkman, and trying to think of a way I could word that experience. When I eventually concluded how I could express it in words, my attention went to the music and I heard the lyric “And the hardest part“…… then the music stopped for was about 3 seconds ( in that time I was reaching out trying to locate my walkman in the complete darkness)….. then it started again…….”was letting go“….. then it stopped again, for what was to be another 3 odd seconds (now you count three seconds in your head…. its a bloody long time when you’re shitting yourself!!!!!! It was pitch black and I thought someone or something was in the room!!!!!)…….. then it started again……… “not taking part“……..and then it continued throughout the rest of the song uninterrupted. By the end of the song I had found my torch and put the song back to the beginning and played it through to see if it would stop again in the same place (maybe because of dirt or a scratch)……. but it was fine. I know it was a message and what a message……

“And the hardest part was letting go not taking part”

It’s pretty easy to go through life participating in a consensus reality, getting home from work and escaping into the TV, blaming everything and everyone else for the state of the world and the circumstances you live in. What’s hard is to let go of the security blanket of everything you give value to or feel you need, taking responsibility for every aspect of your life and the world around you, empowering yourself by knowing that you are all powerful, that you can create anything you want and you only have yourself to blame if you interpret an event that happens as being negative in your own reality.

The ironic things is that when you eventually find the courage to let go of everything you hold dear to you, you discover a security surpassing anything you could possibly imagine.*


So…. as I continued on my walk around the base of the Rock I really started enjoying the beautiful day. I’d reached the side of the Rock that was in the sunshine and I still couldn’t take me eyes off the Big Red Fella!!! I reached the start of the walk up it by about 11 and it was open.  🙂

I’d been looking at pictures of Ayers Rock since I was a saucepan lid and I was looking forward to the challenge of getting up there, wondering what it would be like….how it would look……how it may feel….. but the fact was I WAS THERE!!!!!…. I could touch it!!!!!……….. I could feel it!!!!!……..I couldn’t bloody Adam and Eve it!!!!!! I’m up for it!!!! I’m having it!!!!! I’m bloody LOVING IT!!!!!! 🙂

So I sank some water, refilled all my bottles at the water tank and banged into the ascent…..and my God its steep!!! The first 4 hundred yards or so has a chain to assist you, which annoyingly sags at knee level doing wonders for your coal sack!!!… but I improvised, lifting it and pulling myself up, covering the ground really quickly in short 50 yard stints (I much prefer attacking something fast in short bursts with a minute or so’s rest in between rather than a slow long haul with long rests…. that’s no fun and feels like you’re going nowhere….very disheartening). I was enjoying it and bathing in the praises of the fellow assenters who I was leaving in my wake…. it was doing wonders for my ego…. Oh my God…. I’ve still got an ego!!!!! I’ve still got some work to do on that too!!!!! 😉

*Well actually, an ego’s not such a bad thing to have as long as it doesn’t get out of control and start to control you!!!!!! And Kylie Minogue suddenly coming into my head singing “Hand on your Heart” as I began my ascent wasn’t a bad thing either…. I sang along with her!!! 🙂 ….. in my head (Of course!!! 🙂 ) and not out loud…. not because of my ego…… but because I was climbing so fast I could only just catch my breathe!!! She was great motivation though and that song really connected me with those days dreaming of Being at Ayers Rock…. although… to be honest…. she could have also been the reason for me struggling to catch my breathe!!! 🙂 *

I got to the top around midday (probably the worse time possible in terms of heat!!!…. but hey….. I’m an Englishman……. wouldn’t have been cricket not to have reached there at any other moment!!!!!!)….. and its truly amazing up there. It’s not flat at all, but a series of deep “V” crevasses, anything up to 50 ft deep lying at parallels across the Big Red Fella.

It was hot and bloody windy so I decided to seek some shelter and went exploring for a suitable place. I was suprised to discover outcrops of trees up there and headed towards them, but the shade wasn’t enough from the sun, so I looked further and found a rock I could fit underneath. So I crawled under and was in cool shady bliss!!! 🙂

I got myself comfortable and had a doze (yes….. a doze….. nothing more!!!) for a couple of hours and rested up. Around 3 o’clock I got up and wandered back to the peak of the Big Red Fella. A couple were just leaving for their descent and I looked around and realised I had the entire top of the rock to myself!!!!!! It was amazing and magical. I found a spot to sit down and enjoy the views and experience and I was suddenly in an awe of acknowledgment for my body and what it had allowed me to do (and experience) so far that day…. I’d been out on the beer the night before…. had a few hours sleep….. cycled for hours…. walked for hours and had an extremely intensive climb in outrageous temperatures….. and……. I felt fine…… it was wonderful…. and in that moment I fully appreciated the freedom of experience my body allows me. It allows me to fulfil my dreams in the way I wish to dream and I love it for that. 🙂

After about 40 or 45 minutes of Being (and noticing another group of rocks in the distance and wondering what they were) some more people started arriving up there, so I figured that was my cue to depart and so off I went on the descent, running in places, using my downward momentum to get me up the other side of each “V” cut. I was having so much fun and glad I had some North Face shoes which just stuck like glue with every point of contact, meaning I could pretty much trot all the way down, receiving the odd ego boost again!!!!! It was really funny, 30 yards from the bottom there was a group of Japanese girls beginning on the way up watching me as I was trotting down. I heard a collective “wow” as I smiled, said hello and went past them!!!!!! Then as I reached the bottom, I didn’t break stride and just jumped straight on my bike (which was there waiting for me) and sped off into the distance!!!! Now that must’ve looked cool……. and if it didn’t……. it certainly felt that way!!!!!! 🙂

I cycled out to the cultural centre and had a butchers hook around, aswell as treating myself to some ice-cream (any ice cream you want body…… you deserve it……. and lucky enough, my body’s favourite ice-cream was exactly the same as mine!!!!!!! :-)……… I’m such a wanker..…. but I’m enjoying myself!!!!). Then I cycled out to the sunset viewing area. It was a bit cloudy, so the colours only shone briefly, but were still magical and I was even more glad that Luke had closed the path that morning, so allowing me to experience the full beauty of the sunrise. Cheers mate. 🙂

After, I thought I’d be cheeky and try and hitch, with the bike, back to the resort. Couldn’t really be arsed to cycle that distance again, but felt ok to if had to. I clocked a couple, with a VW Camper Van, who seemed cool and went over to them to ask if they’d give me a lift back to the resort…. and as it turned out they were English and they were cool!!!! Sorted!!! 🙂

So I jumped in the back of their camper, with the bike, and we headed back to the resort, with me taking in the wonderful sight of Uluru/Ayers Rock/The Rock…….. The Big Red Fella, at dusk, through the back window as we left it in the distance.

I knew I’d probably never go up there again. I knew that I had no intention of ever going up there again. I knew that today was my day, a special day, and I’d learnt a lot from the experience.

Love and Light,


The Homestead where I received the message “The hardest part… is letting go… not taking part”

Author: Lee D Miller

I'm a bloke from Barking who has travelled the world and done his best to learn and enlighten. There's so much to learn and you cant do it all in a classroom. The World is the classroom and it's important that people wake-up to that fact.

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