Miller and the Blue Mountains Adventure

Well, I got to the Blue Mountains and had a great time. These German birds I met in Sydney invited me to meet up with them there and we hooked up in the YHA hostel….. and bloody hell…. it aint a hostel….its like a stunning hotel!!!! It’s beautiful…. I could well have had a holiday there!!! 🙂

Anyway, in Sydney, the German birds had been eating only noodles and shit all week long. One night they even had just a bag of oven chips (…. with tomato sauce….a la carte hey!!!!) and they had the front to turn their nose up at my beans on toast!!! What an insult to English quisine!!! I ask ya…. what a liberty!!! So I had said, in Sydney, that in the Blue Mountains, I’d cook them a proper bit of English grub, which would be simple, delicious, healthy, easy to make and CHEAP (like the budgie)…. and they readily agreed.

So once I got there, we went out shopping and I proceeded to buy the ingredients for bangers and mash, with brocolli and carrots (….and gravy…. this was gonna be proper a la carte hey!!!). Oh, and not just any old sausages…… Kangaroo sausages!!!!……. Hey, I’m in Australia now!!!! So anyways, I gets to work on “Le Anglaise Production C’est Manifique” and the girls helped out as best they could and 20 minutes later…… Roberts your fathers brother……. we had “Le Anglaise mange c’est tres bien”!!! 🙂

They loved it!!!! Ate every bit and even wiped up the gravy with some bread like proper working class people should!!!! Compliments ensued and Miller had a big smile on his face….. another convert!!! You see…… you foreign types……. you love slagging off English food but none of you have really sampled it or given it a chance. You’re too busy relaying the horror stories of the output of the resturant on the P and O ferry as you were crossing the English Channel!!! Give it a chance….. it’s simple and very wholesome!!!!! 🙂

Anyway, the girls wanted to go to bed early, so it was time to make some new friends and I clocked a couple of sweet looking Japanese birds and decided they needed some entertaining!!! 🙂 Anyway, as the conversation developed we ended up talking about spitualism and the dogma of religion, and I told them about the time I was in Bangkok and went to a Buddist temple with Mint….

*Mint was this Thai girl I spent a lot of time with during my first week in Bangkok. She was the head receptionist at my hotel and we got quite close (nothing like that, just as friends…. my heart was elsewhere at the time and when I’m with someone I’m with them. It’s just me). She was a really lovely person, really true to herself and we had some nice times.*

….. As we went into the temple we sat in front of the Budda and I sat how it felt natural and comfortable for me to sit…. with my legs crossed outstretched in front of me and my arms supporting me keeping me upright outstretched behind. It felt beautiful in there and I was really feeling at ease. Then an older woman attendant (?) came over and started saying something to Mint with a very agitated voice and Mint whispered in my ear that the woman said I shouldn’t sit like that. So I obliged out of respect and sat on my knees….. (I didn’t feel at peace then because it felt so bloody uncomfortable!!!!).

Anyhow, when we got back outside Mint was all apologies to me for the woman “reprimanding” me and because she told me how to sit. I was like….”Mint, its cool. I wasn’t offended in anyway and I sat differently out of respect for their rules…… but the thing is…. the Budda doesn’t care how you sit when you go into a temple to worship him. Those are the rules of MEN. All the Budda cares about is what is in your heart and what your intentions are. And if that’s not the case then he’s not enlightened and he doesn’t deserve the adoration”. Mint agreed, and it was really nice.

After I told that story the Japanese woman said “Do you know what the name Mint means?” I said “No”. She then said “It’s the most special name you can be given in the far east…… it means Enlightenment”. Now that was special :-).

Next day was all about walking and the thing about the Blue Mountains is they are actually blue!!!! And they’re beautiful!!! It’s something to do with the gases or the vapours that the eucalyptus trees give off. When the sun light hits them it gives of a blue essence….. much like that of old ladies hair…. except without the perm!!!! :-).

Then it was back to Sydney and I checked into a different hostel which gave free beer tokens. I sorted out the mini-bus to the airport for the next morning and headed off to the pub for a cheeky free pint and was gonna do the email thing…. but…. you guessed it…… I met some people I knew and that cheeky pint turned into a cheeky….. you know what I lost count!!!!!

Was chatting with this nice Aussie bird who was half-Chinese and half-White. Sweet as ;-). She had just left everything at home further north cos life had gone a bit pear-shaped, and was trying her luck in Sydney. Top girl…. good stuff. Anyway, as the night went on I once again run out of money and she carried on buying me drinks….. even topper girl!!!! Well, as you probably guessed we ended up going back to my hostel and had a nice night.

So, after hours of slipping in and out of… sleep, I woke to look at the clock. IT WAS 8.11AM!!!!!!!!! I had less than 10 minutes to get my shit together, check out of the hostel and meet the mini-bus!!!! Muppet!!!!

And that’s just about when the Ayers Rock Adventure began.

Love and Light,


Author: Lee D Miller

I'm a bloke from Barking who has travelled the world and done his best to learn and enlighten. There's so much to learn and you cant do it all in a classroom. The World is the classroom and it's important that people wake-up to that fact.

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