Miller and the Rules of Mickey Mouse

Well, things have moved on somewhat since the last time I mailed. I’m in New Zealand now, have sorted out my work visa and start a job around Abel Tasman National park in a weeks time. Meant to be beautiful around there and not so much on the beaten path. Feel like I want some chill time around there, after all the partying in Australia, but first I’m heading for Queenstown to have me some thrill time in Kiwilands self-determined adventure sports capital of the world!!!!!!

I really had to get out of Australia though…. on the one hand I was getting bored…. and on the other the place was doing my fucking nut in with all its anal rules and regulations!!!!! A great place with great people……. but its far from being a place of freewill……… and there’s nothing worse then a people who live in prison but believe that they are free. So…. lets get on with Mickey Mouse and the escape from Oz!:-)

Bloody hell….. I so loved Australia when I arrived and feel so disappointed by its apparent lack of guts when sticking its finger up to authority….. but its not even that….. its the lack of guts just QUESTIONING authority!!!! The whole time I was in Oz I was made to feel like some kind of anarchist….. and I’m not….. I’m not I tell ya!!!!……. well……. not completely……. I just believe its everyones duty to question the rules and ask for those rules to be justified……. and NOT to accept them like a bunch of bloody SHEEP!!!!!!

The thing that I discovered with Australia is that most people seem to live in so much fear of the rules and the penalties, that they spread their fear onto everyone else, refuting the moral of freewill and personal responsibility, and in effect start policing each other!!! The sheep start policing the sheep so that in the end the police aren’t even needed!!!!!

*I read about an experiment conducted with 5 chimpansese. They were put in a cage with a ladder leading up to a banana. Each time a chimp went to climb the ladder to get the banana, the remaining chimps were hosed with water. After a time the chimps as a group realised this and if any chimp went to climb the ladder the rest prevented him and beat him. Then, one chimp from the original group was taken out and replaced with a new chimp. The new chimp, without knowing the rules, attempted to climb the ladder to the banana and was hence battered by the rest of the group.

The replacing of the chimps continued one by one, with the same result each time, until none of the original group remained. Yet the chimps continued to enforce that rule even though none of them had any idea WHY they couldnt climb the ladder!!! It’s just an example of how easy it is to become programmed into accepting rules and cultural ideals, without question, if you choose to give your freedom of thought away. You just follow what all the other sheep are doing.*

About 3 weeks ago, ANOTHER copper clocked me crossing the road while the crossing was on a red man. He shouted out to me just before I was half way across the road. I turned round, looked him in the mince pies then turned and carried on. And you know what I thought?…… “Well, if he does decide to give chase….. I’m gonna have one hell of a head start…… cos he has to wait for the green man!!!!!!! ;-)”. But as it happens nothing happened….. I guess he couldnt have been arsed to break into a sweat and turn….. Red!!!!! 🙂

But my whole experience was turning into daily events like that……. from all angles and all situations. New Years Eve was a case in point. I’d arranged to have a barbicue on the roof of my appartment block and on the day the security guards informed me that I couldn’t do that because it was 40 degrees and could be a fire risk!!!!! What?!!!!! Now for one it aint 40 degrees in the evening, for 2 its on a roof in the middle of the city (what exactly is it gonna burn?!!!), for 3 it aint even a proper bbq, just one of those moody glorified electric frying pan ones (WITH NO FLAME!!!!) and for 4….. well I dont need a 4 cos the other 3 are so good!!! 🙂

This was meant to be the land of BBQ’s and we werent allowed to have one on New Years Eve!!!! Now, thats fair enough out in the sticks or in the parks……. but on a roof?!!!!! Apparently it was ok to cook the food in the flat (on GAS!!!) and bring it down and use the area but the security guard goes”If an official comes and spot checks us then we’ll get a severe fine”. What kind of ponsy official is gonna go round doing “spot checks” on New Years Eve?….. its all bollocks!!!! Surely the only spot check he would be doing was squeezing his yellow heads in the mirror before he left for his party!!!! Fucking Twats!!!!!

So the BBQ was off and we had to make new plans, confronted with signs put up in Melbourne everywhere saying……. wait for it…..”NO ALCOHOL IN PUBLIC PLACES”…….What the fuck?!!!!! It was fucking New Years Eve!!!!!! And then I “spotted” everyone using the BBQ’s in the parks !!!!!!!! Gor Blimey… poxy fucking bollocks rules!!! And it aint so much about the rules, rather the people enforcing them… or not as the case may be!!!!

After New Year I headed for Manly again and was confrounted head on with all this shit in its purest form. It was like a reflection of all the thoughts I’d been having, squaring up and challenging me. In Manly, you seem to be able to do fuck all without breaking someones rules!!!!

No Alcohol on the beach, No alcohol in public (so the beach isnt public then?!!!) No smoking on the beach, No smoking on the esplanade (That’s basically on the street….the fucking pavement!!!! Now I’m a non-smoker, but even I find that completely intolerable and a complete invasion of freewill!!!!), No cycling here…. No cycling there, No walking in this door…. No walking out that door, No aggressive behaviour and…………… NO SWEARING!!!!! A friend I was with got arrested for swearing!!!!!…..I swear!!!! ;-)….I’m not making this up!!!!! It was all bollocks and I’d had enough… I got out…

And so it was onto New Zealand and back to following my heart again… because you should never be afraid to follow your heart….. the universe will provide for all your needs, just as long as you stay focused, tell it what you want and follow your heart.

It just will ok……its the LAW!!!!!!….. And it’s not a Mickey Mouse one!!!! 🙂

Love and light,





Author: Lee D Miller

I'm a bloke from Barking who has travelled the world and done his best to learn and enlighten. There's so much to learn and you cant do it all in a classroom. The World is the classroom and it's important that people wake-up to that fact.

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