Miller and the Olgas Adventure Part III

Was up at 4.30 and off by 5. It was pretty cool in the car and being able to whack the tunes on all the way there. Depending on your speed, the Olgas are about 45 minutes from the resort and it was a good drive underneath the stars. I got to the viewing area just as the sky on the horizon was starting to turn blue and walked along the metal walkway to the viewing platform they had there. I wasn’t happy about that….. it was the sunrise of the Mid-Summer Solstice…. and I wanted to be in contact with the Earth as I experienced it….. but just like yesterday I was being held back by this conditioning after reading the signs there….. “Please respect Aboriginal land and help protect the vegetation by not leaving the viewing area” or words to that effect.

Now…. with the amount of people who trample through that area, those sentiments are quite reasonable if you’re just a tourist wishing to witness an event……. my reasons for being there were far deeper, and how many of those tourists who would be there for sunrise that morning would actually know that it was the southern hemisphere mid summers day…….. well based on my preliminary surveys…… NONE!!!!! So it wouldn’t matter as much to them as it did to me to be in contact with the Earth as the sun rose that day……….. but I was still giving myself a hard time about it……

Where does it feel right to be?……. Sitting over there in the sand……. So why cant you just go and do that?…… Because it says it would be disrespectful and I might damage the environment?…… What’s the name of the person you’re gonna disrespect and why exactly will they be offended?…… Dunno and dunno…. Ok, so if you walk a few yards off the platform and sit in the sand amongst the salt bush, where it feels right for you to be, what kind of damage are you gonna do?…… Well, I’m gonna leave some footprints in the sand and maybe an indentation of my arse!…….. And will those footprints damage the environment forever?…… No, they’ll probably be blown over within the next couple of days……. So you’re telling me by having this experience you’re gonna leave some footprints in the sand – Fucking wanker you are hey, fucking evil disrespectful bastard, people like you should be locked up. Footprints in the sand – what a crime!!!! You must be the worst kind of human being!!!!!!!!!!!!…………. Alright, enough already – point taken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With that I jumped over the barrier and just walked about 15 yards across the sand behind a mound and a bush so no-one could see me and I had the feeling of experiencing the sunrise by myself. And when I sat down it was beautiful…… in the distance silhouetted by the blueing sky on the horizon, where the sun was rising…. was…. Ayers Rock.

It looked so special, and on my left were the even more beautiful domes that make up the Olgas. The way the light reflected and cast shadows along those wonderfully curved contours was truly exceptional….. and as the night turned into dawn, the colours that reflected at me were so deep and mysterious. I was so glad I’d got there so early as it meant I was able to witness the sunrise in its completion. No-one was still about and I’d already been there for around 35 minutes. It was so peaceful, looking at the Olgas, and the stars, and then looking down towards Ayers Rock and the glowing horizon.

*The day before I’d been looking at a postcard with an arieal photo of the Olgas, Ayers Rock and another mountain in the distance (I’ve forgotten the name of that one)…….. but I was amazed to notice that in the middle of this completely flat terrain…. these 3 features seemed to form a perfect straight in conjunction with each other. Seeing as the energy is amazing around the Rock and the Olgas….. maybe these features mark the path of a ley line.*

And then…….. the sound of motorised transport in the distance…. and by the time it became fully light, just before the sunrise itself, it sounded as if there were around 70-80 people there…… and I began to feel stressed. I tried to control myself…. but on the one hand the noise disturbed me and on the other I was still stressing that someone may see my foot prints…. and…. What would they think???!!!……. “Who gives a fuck Lee…. We’ve already established that you really aint committing a terrible crime…. Ignore your mind its full of shit!!!….. Listen to your heart and take in the experience.”

So, periodically, I enjoyed the watching the sunrise and the changing colours of the Olgas as the light reached and shone upon them…… but I was shocked how the way I’d lived my life for the past month and a half or so had really put me back to the conditioning of the consensus reality…. it didn’t feel good….. I felt as though I was even betraying myself and letting myself down by even paying heed to those programmed thoughts.

And then…. the sun had completed its ascent above the horizon to be in full view…….. and everyone scarpered!!! Jumping into their cars, vans and mini-buses and driving off to somewhere else…… and I was in beautiful peace again. 🙂 I stayed there for another 45 minutes or so…… enjoying the colours and the shadows as the light became stronger and the elevation of the sun changed in its angle. I was pleased I’d made the decision to jump the barrier….. I felt like I’d rediscovered myself again.

So I journeyed on and got to the predefined walk through the Valley of the Winds. There are only 2 designated walks around the Olgas. That one and a short gauge walk. The signs ask you to keep to the path and do not climb the domes as these are Aboriginal Sacred Lands. To be honest…. that seemed fine to me as the longer walk, even though not encompassing the Olgas, was good enough to experience them and I didn’t stray from the path. They are such a beautiful phenomenon though, you cant help but be struck by them. The only thing I didnt like though, was the fact that they closed the walk if the temperature rose above 36 degrees…… so much for personal risk and liability again……..Warn people of the dangers YES……. Restrict their freedom NO!!!!


“What…. your kid fell off a swing and now you want to sue the council……FUCK OFF!!!!” that’s all they’ve got to say…. but instead they give a big pay out and so encourage other muppets to try the same scam, simultaneously taking down the swings so no other kid has the opportunity to learn that if you’re on a swing….. you really need to hold on!!!!! So the kids coming through swell the muppet population, not having learnt their lessons in life and rely more on the government for all their needs….. it serves their purpose!!!!!!!! Not ours!!!!!!!*

After I’d done that walk I headed for the gorge walk. It was nice to do as there were hardly any people about, and the scene was quite stunning. After I returned to the resort and I got a few hours sleep. What a beautiful start to the day. Lovely  🙂

Love and Light,




Author: Lee D Miller

I'm a bloke from Barking who has travelled the world and done his best to learn and enlighten. There's so much to learn and you cant do it all in a classroom. The World is the classroom and it's important that people wake-up to that fact.

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