Miller and the Olgas Adventure Part I

So…… What about those Olgas? Well…. I had an amazing time on my return to Central Australia for the Summer Solstice………. it was an almost exact converse parallel of the reality to the one I had encountered before…….

To begin with…. I checked in at Melbourne airport via the E ticket system…. and as “luck” would have it I had been allocated a window seat. Now, being e-ticket, I had the freedom to scan all the seats left… and select whatever I wanted… but seeing as I was already by the window I stuck with the side of the plane I was given.

As I boarded the plane I was waiting by first class for one of the stewards to make their way down the aisle and as he passed he said…”You may as well sit down there and hope no-one notices”…. then he said…”Only joking”. But I thought fuck it…. I’ll have some of that and sat in first class hoping for the best…….. but then got clocked by a woman stewardess who didn’t look best pleased and accused me of being cheeky…. Me…. Cheeky? 😉 So I went and found me proper seat.

Anyway, as we approached Ayers Rock the Captain announced that on the left of the plane you could see the Rock and the Olgas….. for fucks sake……. I was on the right!!!!…. What was the deal with the bloody e-ticket!!!!??? But then, as we turned to land I had the opposite sight to what I had before. Last time when I came to see the Rock…. that’s all I saw from the window…. and then this time I was coming to see the Olgas….. and that’s exactly what I saw as we came into land! They looked beautiful and the fluidity of the moment really struck me as being quite special. That was a nice introduction :-).

And then, when I got to the resort…. well…. all the people were different!!!!!!! I checked into the hotel and was served by the bird who was being a jobsworth over that job application last time…..and she was ….well ….nice!!! She had a lovely “genuine” smile and was helpful to me. I booked a 26 bed dorm and had paid for it….. but she allocated me a 4 bed room for the same price instead…. nice touch!!!  🙂

I wandered over to the car hire place to ask if they had the Avis number (I’d booked a car for 2 days), cos I was gonna be late picking the car up…. and the bird was…. well… helpful…. although she couldn’t help me!!! 🙂 So I wandered over to the tourist info shop….. and …. that bird had time for me aswell, phoned through to the Avis office and everything was cool. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that the place wasn’t half as busy as it was before!!!!

That evening I also bumped into Vici and had a quick chat with her. Apparently Chris and Stuart just left the week before…. they did a long stretch hey!!!….. but what I noticed was that Vici didn’t look half as beautiful as I remembered her and her Norwegian boyfriend……… well…. he looked positively CONSERVATIVE!!!! What a change of perceived circumstance!!!! Bloody hell…. what was going on???!!!

Thing’s were definitely on a different parallel.

Love and Light,


Author: Lee D Miller

I'm a bloke from Barking who has travelled the world and done his best to learn and enlighten. There's so much to learn and you cant do it all in a classroom. The World is the classroom and it's important that people wake-up to that fact.

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