Miller and the Sydney Adventure Part II

Well, been a good coupla weeks since I arrived. For the first week I kept going out for a cheeky pint, and that cheeky pint kept turning into a cheeky 4!!!…. then the Ashes started and well…. I couldn’t miss it!!! Went down this pub to watch it and ended up sitting next to an Australian. Well, as you may guess the initial conversation was a bit of a “digging” contest, and I realised that many years ago I would’ve got wound up by a couple of the things the guy was saying but as it happens, I got a better view of the world these days and I was actually revelling in the fact that I was sitting in Australia, watching the Ashes with a genuine Australian giving me digs……. and after a few mandatory digs back, the initial firing exchanges were complete and friendly fire ensued, and Jack turned out to be a top geezer!!! Was in the pub till 4.30 in the morning! I ran outtta money by 2, but the beers just kept coming!!! Top night!!

AND…. WE FUCKING WON THE ASHES!!!!! What a time to be in Australia! I do pick my moments! We’ve got the world cup and now the Ashes!!!!…… saw the scenes in London and it was the first time I wished I was back in England. Oh well….. hopefully we’ll win it the next time too!!! To be fair, the Australians have been good sports about it over here….. they’ve just not mentioned it!!!! 🙂

Speaking of good timing, went to Manly last weekend and had a great time. Got off the ferry to discover it was their 150th anniversary. Loads of shit was going on all day and the fireworks in the evening were really cool. The place reminds me of Weymouth a lot, with the beach and the main pub/club strip. I loved living in Weymouth and there’s a similar holiday vibe in Manly…… except with the added bonus that there’s more sunshine and bigger waves!!!!! 🙂

But anyway, just finished two weeks hard graft. Started the Monday after I got here and finished yesterday…. and its been proper hard labour…….. proper Mad Dogs and Englishman in the Midday Sun type stuff!!!! Been labouring at this building site barrowing bricks up a slope, pick axing and digging the foundations of an extension…. then barrowing everything back out, lifting and dumping it onto a truck because they couldn’t get a digger through to the back garden!!!

Two bloody weeks of it….. and guess what (I love the way I dream)…. the house is directly opposite the main entrance of the first prison built by the convicts in Australia!!!! Unbelievable, but so cool!!!! I’ve been working my right of passage, digging the same ground and pick axing the same bedrock that the convicts did when they first arrived in Australia!!!! I’ve been living the Australian Dream….. or was it a nightmare?!!!! Either way I’ve definitely followed in the footsteps of me ancestors!!! Felt like I’ve been working in some kind of chain gang….. except there’s been no chain….. and there’s been no gang!!!! Just me and another English guy called Gary!!!


Was hoping they’d give me a plot of land at the end of it… but instead the Greek owner of the firm tried to knock us for $50 when he paid us yesterday!!! Declan, who was the Paddy site manager and absolutely diamond geezer, said that seeing as we’d worked so hard all week, if we got the final bit of work done on Friday it’ll be “Job and Knock”. So we knocked our bollocks out and had the job finished by lunchtime… and then the bubble and squeak came along and only paid us for half the day!!!! Ship and anchor!!!!!! In fact, he didn’t even have the honour to come and give us the money himself, he just gave it to Declan and drove off!!! Declan saw how pissed off I was and I think was a bit ashamed of how this George fella had behaved, so he made up the $50 himself and said he’d get it off George the next week. Top bloke!!! Was a pleasure to work for him and I’m glad he had the decency to do that because it would have soured what was a good couple of weeks work, really enjoyed it.

Also had a cheeky look around the prison (its an arts college now… so there’s been some nice scenery…. if you know what I mean 😉 ) and its also a really impressive building, really aesthetically and pleasing to the eye…. those convicts did a blinding job!!! 🙂

And this is the enigma – a couple of centuries ago all you had to do to get to Australia was steal an apple….. and now you gotta pay for your own flight, get a visa and everything!!!! Howz that fair?!!! 🙂 I saw Tracey Ulman on Parkinson a few years ago and he asked her how she became so good at doing accents. She said she’d imagine what it was to be that person before she did the accent, and…. using the Australian accent as an example… she goes because that accent descends from the cockney accent, she said that she just imagined what it was like to be a cockney arrested in London (for stealing that apple and having the audacity to eat it!!! ), being put in the hull of a ship for 6 weeks, then walking off of the ship into scorching heat and onto a land scalded by bright sunshine. Your face squints up, your cheeks raise and your eyes turn into slits…. and you say in what will now be an Australian accent………..

“Gor Blimey, its Bloody hot over here!!!!”

It’s funny because its true!!!! 🙂

Anyway, thats me for now. Off to the Blue Mountains for a few days, then Ayers Rock.

Love and Light,


Author: Lee D Miller

I'm a bloke from Barking who has travelled the world and done his best to learn and enlighten. There's so much to learn and you cant do it all in a classroom. The World is the classroom and it's important that people wake-up to that fact.

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