Miller and the Ayers Rock Adventure Part III

So…………. I immediately cycled over to the ranger and asked about the path to the top. He said that he had to close it because of the wind, but he’ll probably open it again by 9. I said “Do you reckon I could get to the sunrise spot in time”…. “Probably not on that” he answered. Then…. putting my cunning plan into action;-)….. “Could you give me a lift?” I asked cheekily. “Yeah..… no worries. I’m going that way anyway. Throw your bike on.”

Now, the ranger was a cool guy, his name was Luke, he’d worked in the National Park for 4 years and………….. he was Aboriginal!!!! He looked half Aborigine to me. His skin was that of an afro-carribean, a bit lighter then your average Aborigine whose skin complexion is very dark, and his features were a bit softer, but still blatantly Aboriginal. We had a good chat en-route and I enjoyed his company for that brief period of time. He dropped me off and I was very grateful.

I’d made it for sunrise!!!!!!…….. Along with a million other tourists!!!!!! But I was still glad to be there and I found a comfortable spot to watch………and what a sight it was!!!! The colours were beautiful and as I stood there I was so glad I was standing there witnessing it rather then on top as I had planned……… then it hit me and I had a massive smile on my face……. an Aborigine had stopped me from climbing the Rock and I had enjoyed the company of an Aborigine for part of the sunrise!!!!!!!! How’s that for reality responding to your thoughts!!!!! I love the way the Universe works!!!!!!

The other thing that was wonderful, was that after about 15 minutes everyone scarpered and I was left there by myself (apart from some people who looked to be taking ‘professional” pictures. They stayed for another 15 minutes or so). I stayed, and enjoyed the tranquillity of the moment, until about half seven, at which point I departed and cycled right around the Rock on the road, back around to the start of the path on the other side. It was fantastic…. I couldn’t keep my eyes off it the whole way round!!!!

When I got back to the gate, I read another notice which really disturbed me. It was a sign saying something along the lines of “The indigenous people warn that people have died on the path to the top of Uluru and it is very dangerous. We care about you and are concerned for you’re well being and as the OWNERS (?????!!!!!!) of Uluru ask that you do not climb the path as it is a sacred site to us”. What????!!!!! So first we have creation of fear….. then we have (in my opinion) false sentiment….. and then we have an anti-spiritual diabolical liberty!!!! Who told them they were the OWNERS?!!!!!

The way I see things THE ONLY THING A MAN CAN OWN IS SOMETHING THATS BEEN CREATED BY THE HAND OF MAN!!!!! (or woman…. dont you oppress me!!!…. I want to be called Loretta 😉 ). I know practically all the land across this planet is owned by someone, but that doesn’t mean its right…… and it most definitely isn’t right if it’s such a special place which is important to everyone….. even if they dont realise it.

The fact is the Aborigines claim The Rock as their own on the presumption that they’re the first people there and have been there for 40,000 years. Now…. how exactly do they know they were the first people there???? In fact…. the only reason they know they’ve been there 40,000 years is probably because some white guys told them they were!!!!…….. No?……. Well how many Aboriginal archaeologists with carbon dating equipment do you know of??!!!…. Gor Blimey!!!!……. I’ll retract my statement if you can show any contrary evidence…… but at the end of the day….. who says the white guys are right anyway?!!!!!! No one can say for sure.

The fact is there’s a massive guilt trip being fed to White Australians by extreme white liberals, who seem to think that the only way to overcome the injustices suffered by the native Aboriginal people is to give them whatever they ask for. This has meant that vast areas of the continent of Australasia is rented by the Australian Government, with the monies being collected by Aboriginal communities. The Aboriginal communities then rent more land to farmers….. fantastic you might think….. this’ll mean the Aborigines have financial freedom and can live with dignity however they choose to.

NO!!!!!….. Because the extreme white liberals dont think that’s enough…. on top of that they give the Aborigines each individual state benefits, which are in excess of the benefits that white Australians are entitled to, so creating a lack of need to be self-sufficient, and thus dependency, in the Aboriginal communities and the creation of more injustice, this time towards the White Australians who feel that they are being unfairly treated by the system. On the one hand the Aborigines seem to learn that the Australia owes them a living, and on the other the White Australians think that they pay their taxes just so the Aborigines can get go and get pissed…… and it’s all creating such massive divisions between the two communities.

And, as I read that sign, all this went through my mind…. and I thought “You know what… I bet an Aborigine didn’t even write this…. I bet it was worded by an extreme white liberal fulfilling their own personal agenda”. Yes, of course, I could be wrong…. I dont know that for a fact…. but what I do know for a fact is that you cant heal an injustice by creating more injustices!!! And no person of this generation is responsible for the horrific treatment that the Aboriginal peoples have endured…. you’re only responsible for the consequences of your own actions…….. so lighten up you Germans.…. its all gravy….. and you Japanese….. you Spanish…. Portuguese…… Russian…. Chinese …. American … BRITISH, in fact every nation under the bloody sun because they’ve all been responsible for some kind of atrocity at some point in their histories…. AND WE’RE NOT RESPONSIBLE!!!

The point is – the Aboriginal Australians are not responsible for the decisions which give them their entitlement…… and the European Australians are not responsible for the atrocities of the past, and yet it is with this that the extreme white liberals are dividing the two communities and giving themselves a job!!!! (Well……. someone’s gotta social engineer them back together!!! 😦 )

So, I began to walk around the Rock, along the path by its foot, which is about 8 miles. I decided to walk around the Rock the opposite way to which I had cycled, and as I walked I looked upon the Rock with awe and inspiration. I started thinking about the name of the Rock. When I looked upon it as Uluru…. it became like a magical place to me….. it was almost as if it was a person, and then when I thought about it as Ayers Rock…. it seemed solid to me and I was taken aback by its physical presence. Both names invoked a different experience in the way I viewed it.

But, when it comes to the name, you can feel the pressure being exerted to call it Uluru (probably originating from the same extreme white liberals) and it disturbs me. It’s like… if you call it Ayers Rock then you’re frowned upon in some kind of judgemental tirade and I dont find that to be acceptable. I know it as Ayers Rock because that’s how I first heard it called and that sounds like a propa name for a place to me. And Uluru…. well, that makes the place sound like a friend…. your best friend :-).

But the thing is it doesn’t matter what you call it!!!! They’re only words to describe a place…. a very significant and special place….. and the only thing that matters is that you recognise that fact!!!! If you’re caught up in a debate over the right or wrong thing to call a place, then you’re hooked up in the lies of division!!!!

And so extreme white liberals….. if you wanna play the race game and try and brain wash me into using only the terminology YOU deem correct…… LETS PLAY……

A black guy came along and named The Rock (I’m only referring to it as the Rock cos its quicker to type!!!! ;-))…… Uluru…….. And a white guy came along and named The Rock…. Ayers Rock….. now……. being a white guy myself I can only see it as being right under race rules to call it what the White guy said….. I wouldn’t want to offend those white people….. they’ve got loads of power and have got the biggest guns……. I dont wanna be messing with em!!!!…. Especially after the Aborigines said that I was of Aboriginal skin!!!!!….. My God……. If the white guys found that out they’d string me up for being a turn-coat!!!…… I cant be risking that…… AYERS ROCK!!!…. AYERS ROCK!!!!!….. AYERS ROCK!!!!

Well…. it’s all BOLLOCKS innit. They’re just trying to divide people with all this bull shit. There is no them and us, there is only us, and its not about being on one side of the fence or the other, its about realising that there’s not a fence at all!!!!!

As I continued, about half way round, I saw a steep slope up the side of the rock leading to what looked like a cave. All I can say is that I was drawn to it…. so I followed my heart and climbed the 150 or so feet up the side of The Rock.

Once there, I went onto having an experience I’ve never had before……

Love and Light,


Author: Lee D Miller

I'm a bloke from Barking who has travelled the world and done his best to learn and enlighten. There's so much to learn and you cant do it all in a classroom. The World is the classroom and it's important that people wake-up to that fact.

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