Miller and the Adventure into New Zealand

Well, I’m in New Zealand now and what a place it is. So peaceful in its beauty. I immediately felt the vibe the moment I flew into Wellington. The purity’s intoxicating!!!!!! You cant help but feel at ease with yourself and everything around you.

A few days ago I did a walk along the southern pass to swim in the sea at Island Bay, and the water was exquisite……. perfectly clear and bleeding freezing…. I loved it!!!! A REAL test of the sensations and so reminiscent of home! In fact, as I swam and looked upon the houses, dotting the hills and lining the valleys along the coastline, the scene (with the cliffs) couldn’t help but resemble that of Devon and Cornwall back home.

And the climate too feels so similar and absolutely refreshing……… today it’s drizzling!!!!! Fan-fucking-tastic….. how I’ve bloody missed drizzle!!!!! You see…….. in most regions of the world if you ask the question “Is it raining outside?” you get a one word answer….. either yes or no, and that will generally suffice (or in some places that question doesnt even exist!!!!!! How boring is that!!!! What do people have to talk about?!!!!)…….. but in England (and Britain) you need CLARIFICATION and the anwser must never stop there!!!! “What type of rain” is the information you are required to supply!!! 🙂 Is it spitting? Or is it heavy? Patchy or torrential? ….. (And who the invented patchy rain anyway…..what a gonad!!!!)…. and God forbid it’s that fine rain….. oooohhhhhh fine rain, sends shivers down your spine……. worst kind of rain that….. soaks you through without you even noticing!!!!! Be prepared when there’s fine rain!!!….. and now I’m sounding like some kind of old woman!!!!! 🙂

I have some wonderful first impressions of New Zealand though. It feels like how England (and the British Isles) may once have been….. before the time of the Druids……. before the times of Myths and Legends…….. and before the time that man manipulated the land. It still possesses a chastity pure in its honesty……… yet crying out for its magic to be awakened…… it’s virginity unlocked….. so that its mysteries can be created.

Lord of the Rings may well have been written with England in mind…… but on all of planet Earth, only New Zealand could’ve truly brought that story to life. New Zealand, for me, is the essence of purity.

Love and Light,




Author: Lee D Miller

I'm a bloke from Barking who has travelled the world and done his best to learn and enlighten. There's so much to learn and you cant do it all in a classroom. The World is the classroom and it's important that people wake-up to that fact.

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