Miller and the Olgas Adventure Part V

After we got back, and had dinner, I started talking and having a bubble with these Aboriginal women. They were good fun and wanted to know if I was married…… always the case with these girls!!!…. I dunno if they like me in particular or any guy that’s nice to them!!!! Because they weren’t hotel guests they couldn’t get drinks at the bar, so they used me as their alcoholic supplier, giving me the wonga to go and get their drinks for them. I was happy to oblige…. but boy could they drink!!!!!! 🙂

Later, Paul and Yvonne joined me in the bar and after a while I clocked some Aboriginal guys having a beer, and saw that one of them was one of the friends of the women I was talking to earlier…. I hadn’t seen the man in the brochure, so I hoped maybe these guys could shed some light on my question. I walked over and politely introduced myself. Richard recognised me and gave me a nice welcome and I explained I’d like to know about the Olgas. I asked if any of them was an Elder and Richard said this guy was, but didn’t speak the best English. I explained the journey that I’d been on, and that I didn’t need to know the traditional Aboriginal stories related to the Olgas because they were a private matter for the Aboriginals, but there was something that I wanted to ask about them. Richard was translating, but he said the Elder understood what I was saying, and they seemed to be quite open to me.

So I quickly ran back to my room to get my book Heavens Mirror to show them the pictures of Stonehenge and Angkor Wat, and to get the ring, that has inscriptions on it, which I “found” at Stonehenge ( I’ll tell that story in due course ) on the Spring Equinox.

On my return I explained that the energy at the Rock felt masculine to me and that I thought the Olgas represented feminine energy, yet the Aborigines use the Olgas for “Men’s Business” and the Rock for “Women’s Business”. Now I think that the Aborigines couldn’t possibly have made such a mistake and so I believed that they used the Rock as a place for women to achieve balance/oneness and the Olgas as a place for men to achieve balance/oneness…….. but I didn’t want to put the words into the geezers mouth. I just wanted confirmation of the conclusions I’d been drawn to. So I just asked if the Aborigines believed that the Olgas represented feminine energy? But even as I spoke to him, I just saw a look of blankness in his eyes…….. I didn’t believe he even had an answer to my question……. he said something to in Aboriginal to Richard and Richard said “He wants you to buy him a beer”.

I felt completely disheartened….. I just fell silent for about a minute, I couldn’t believe it…. I was talking to an Elder, about Spiritual matters, and all he seemed to care about was the beer…. he didn’t even appear to pay any attention to the pictures in the book…. I threw the ring on the picture of Stonehenge and said, looking the geezer in the eye, “There are some things in this world which are worth more than beer” then, picking up the bottle with the remains of my beer and banging it infront of him “Have mine if it means so much to ya”. I then walked straight to the bar and bought a beer for Richard, returning and thanking him for his help…. to be honest.… he didn’t seem too bothered and didn’t even say thank you…. oh well.

I returned to join Yvonne and she noticed how down I looked and I told the story of what had just happened. She said…”Lee….. it’s a shame they’re conditioned by beer…. but at least they heard you out and made an attempt to talk to you about it….. not everyone would’ve got that far with them”. I could see there was a truth in what she said, but I still felt let down and I wondered if any Aborigine was enlightened enough, anymore, to know that they were in “dream time” with every breath that they took. But I also knew that just because of the mere fact that I was asking these questions, the answers would cross my path.

Before bed I gave Paul and Yvonne the keys to the car and wished them a good nights sleep. In the morning they returned at 10 and had actually done the sunrise at the Rock, the base walk and had revisited the Olgas. That took my KM over my allowance, but we’d already agreed that they would cover that and just split the petrol seeing as we’d both done the same milage. That was cool with me…… I was glad to pass on a favour.

So I took the car back and blagged a lift back from the airport. At some point I saw Yvonne looked down. I asked what was up and she said she wanted to stay at the Rock for Christmas, but because she’d chopped and changed the plans so much before, Paul had had enough and wanted to stick to the plan of moving on to Perth. “If it’s gonna be hot you may as well be in a special place like Ayers Rock for Christmas” I said “but you should probably just leave the decision to the Universe and toss a coin for it!!!!”…. So I said I’d have a word with Paul and dually did so. When I left Yvonne and Paul made an effort to see me off, which I was grateful for, and I asked if they’d come to a decision about Christmas. Paul said….”Not yet, but they’d probably toss a coin for it” I goes “That’s exactly what I said to Yvonne you should do!!!”…. me and Paul were exactly on the same wave length!!!!!!! 🙂

And then I said my goodbyes and departed.

So…………. are the Olgas Feminine? I honestly cant say because I already came to the Olgas with a preconception in mind. But what I would say is that Ayers Rock stands proud before you on the horizon and demands your respect through its sheer physical presence………… whereas the Olgas …… well their domes create curves which are reminiscent of the curves on a woman’s body.….. and their shadows create an air of mystery and wonder….. the Olgas make you want to fall in love with them…. and in that statement I think I just answered my own question!!!

So here’s to the Masculine and the Feminine,
To Mistletoe and Holy,
And here’s to a Merry Christmas and Very Happy New Year.

Love and Light,


Author: Lee D Miller

I'm a bloke from Barking who has travelled the world and done his best to learn and enlighten. There's so much to learn and you cant do it all in a classroom. The World is the classroom and it's important that people wake-up to that fact.

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