Miller and the Time Before the Adventures

It was Valentine’s Day, 2005, and I was at Avebury Stone Circle, in England. Avebury is one on the biggest, or perhaps the biggest, megalithic stone circle in the world and is a very powerful and symbolic place. Some say even more so then Stonehenge……

I’d reached there through a chain of events. I’d been working up in and around Manchester since the turn of the year (after returning from working in the French Alps and then spending the New Year with friends in Weymouth) and had felt it was time to move on…….. so I departed for Cardiff in order to complete some training so that I could participate in the aid effort for the aftermath of the tsunami.

On my way to Cardiff, my car completely died on me….. right at the junction for Droitwich Spa, along the M5 in England. I’d arranged to be in Cardiff that evening and was a bit miffed that it wasn’t looking like I would make it….. I was wondering why? Then I remembered that one of my best mates had recently moved to Droitwich…… so I gave him a bell.

Dave sounded pleased to hear from me and said it was cool to stay at his….. the only thing was that he had to work till late that night… but I got around his before he started and then, after he’d settled me in, had the house to myself that evening. I informed the charity of my situation and then just started flicking through the channels on the TV. Within a few minutes I “happened” to flick upon a channel with a programme about crop circles and it was immediately very interesting………..

*A couple of scientists were investigating the crop circle phenomenon and made some startling discoveries. They were investigating the energy created within the circles, trying to determine which circles were authentic and which were “hoaxes”. What they discovered, using their equipment, was that every single circle they surveyed had a change in energy field from that of the surrounding area. On each occasion the electronic monitor went up on their scale (I cant remember what the frequencies were) whenever they entered a circle……… even…… and this is the important thing……. EVEN IN THE CIRCLES THAT THEY KNEW FOR A FACT WERE HOAXES!!!!!!

They also discovered that it is possible to detect a “real” crop circle from that of a “hoax” without looking at the delacacy/detail of the circle or by the use of equipment…….. they found that if a crop circle has been created by a force yet unknown to man, it has been created through micro-wave energy. This energy mades the water in the stalk of the barley/wheat expand and so that water sometimes had to escape from the barley through the weakest point……. so creating a hole in the knob of the stalk. Known “Hoax” circles did not possess that characteristical evidence….. because they had been created, quite easily, through the physical efforts people pressing the barley stalks down manually, somehow.

The scientists, however, had no explanation of how it was possible for every crop circle to show a change in reading, whether it be a hoax or otherwise……… but I thought I do……. if reality responds to the power of your thoughts then it’s no surprise that an individual attempting to copy such a crop circle phenomenon would changed the energy simply by the creation of their thought patterns while they focused of their minds on creating a “crop Circle!”……… And if that is the case then wouldn’t it be quite ironic that the very act of trying to create a hoax….. infact….. had the effect of “energetically” create the real thing!!! It’s an interesting “thought” and it may only go to prove that there is nothing more true than the old saying of “Be careful for what you wish for because it might come true!!!”

………… Early the next morning I was up and attempting to get my car started to complete my journey to Cardiff. I still had time to make the beginning of the course and I was “willing” my car to start……. and in the end…… after I’d probably woken up the whole street!!!! :-)….. it did!!!!…. and I was on my way again!!!…… Well….. at least temporarily!!!!!  🙂

Just as I had got onto the M5 again, I was cruising along at 70 – 80 mph and I had a blow out on my tire!!!! I managed to control the car over to the hard shoulder and I gave Dave a call again, telling him what had happened and saying that I didn’t think I was meant to do this course after all or help with the Tsnami aid effort. I had no idea what I was meant to do next or where I should go….. so I just changed the wheel, returned to Dave’s and stayed another day to “wait” about it.

*The best thing to do when you’re not sure of your direction, is to sit tight and wait for a sign*

That evening we went out and had a good night tenpin bowling with some of his work buddies and then having an Indian meal with them over in Cheltenham…. and in the meantime, my good friend Hazel had let me know that she was at a trance party at a Manor House in Somerset. So the next day I was off to Plumber Manor!!!! It was great to see Hazel and Max (her son) and although I only planned on being there for the evening…. I ended up staying there for two Days!!!! It was pukka…. so chilled and full of the coolest people!!!!! 🙂

And then, on the Monday, I felt I should go somewhere I’d never been before and I suddenly felt it was time that I made the effort to go to Avebury Stone Circle.

So, I said my goodbyes to Hazel and Max, and made my way to Avebury, arriving in the centre of the circle at around 2pm. Before I walked and had a butchers hook around, I thought I’d treat myself to a nice meal and a cheeky pint because….. you see…… right slam bang in the centre of Avebury Stone Circle is……….. A PUB!!!!!! :-)……. I had deeper thoughts about that……… but….. if it’s there……. Be rude not to use it!!!!! 😉

I felt I shouldn’t be in any kind of rush so I had another cheeky pint and read my book for a bit, leaving at some time around 3.30pm. I started walking around the Stones, once one way and then the back round the other (Not sure why I did that…. it just felt right to). On the way I passed a group of 4 people, who were doing their own thing, but a couple of them made me feel uncomfortable for some reason. The second time around I noticed an avenue of stones going about a mile or so into the distance. It was once part of the system which linked all the spiritual sites in the area together (including Stonehenge), but which had been taken down over the centuries by farmers and the like for building materials or just because the Christians linked them to heresy and evil!!!!!! It’s a wonder how the circles have survived at all…… especially with the British need for a Rub-a-Dub dub!!!!!! 😉

Even though it was beginning to get dark I thought that I should walk along there, but then I saw that the group (from before) had just started to walk along the avenue and so changed my mind…….. but then something inside me insisted that I walk along there…… “Easy geezer…. I’m walking already!!!!……. chill-out will ya!!!!” I said to myself and something else!!!! 😉

On the way I passed the group, who it was clear were doing something spiritual, and I carried on to the end of the avenue……… feeling at peace and appreciating the moment. As I stood at the end, and by the last stones, the group were getting closer to me, and as one of the women stood by one of the stones, she took the hood of her coat down….. and….. IT WAS VICKY!!!!!!!!…….

Now Vicky is one of the most spiritually enlightened people I’ve ever come across. Some of the most significant steps I’ve made along my path, these past few years, have been through knowledge I’ve gained while in her house and in her presence. CONFIRMATION OF THE FACT THAT I’M NOT FUCKING CRAZY BEING ONE OF THE GREATEST GIFTS!!!!! 🙂

Others who’ve made a great impact on me with their enlightenment these past few years, and who I also want to acknowledge are Hazel, Jan and……….. my Mum – I dont know if I could’ve got this far if it wasn’t for you, thanks Mum x 🙂 .

…….. As I walked toward her, as dusk began to fall, I called out “Vicky!”. She looked up in surprise and couldn’t believe her mince pies!!!! 🙂 “How weird! What are you doing here?” She asked me. “It’s the first time I’ve been here” I replied. “Me too! We were doing a legend walk….. were you doing one too? How weird!” she said. “It’s not weird….. it’s perfectly natural…… like energy attracting like energy and all that J” I replied. What I did find strange though was the fact that Vicky was finding it so strange!!!! J.  Stuff like that happened to me on an almost weekly basis…… so it didn’t feel weird to me anymore……. I’m pretty well over that “weird” sensation now!!!!!!! 🙂 But I have to admit that one was the cream of the crop!!!! All we needed now was a circle….. Oh….. we just came from one!!!! 🙂

Vicky invited me to join her and her friends as they were then going onto Silbury Hill, a huge conical mound nearby (also one of the biggest in the World). I felt I should get back to my car and so declined, we said our goodbyes and I heading back, not knowing where I was going next. But, as I got back to my car, I had the thought to phone Leyton Orient (the football club in East London I’d worked for, on and off, for the previous year or so).

And from the middle of Avebury Stone Circle – the pub car park! 😉 – I phoned and spoke with Paul to ask if there was any work at the mo. Paul had recently got the job as basketball co-ordinator after Leyton had got a big contract for basketball as a result of the summer league I’d set up the year before. Paul said “It’s good to hear your voice bruv, come whenever you can, the sooner the better. I need someone down at Docklands tomorrow for the Olympic bid.” and I replied “I’ll get back to London tonight then, as long as my car lets me! I’ll see you tomorrow” and then we made the arrangements for the next day. Sorted….. as long as my car started….. it was all gravy!!!! 🙂

So I got back to London and the next day I’m standing in the London Arena, coaching basketball and watching Steven Redgrave, Frankie Fredericks pass and the rest of the Olympic committee pass by as I continued to deliver a session!!!! And then that evening my brother Ross (who’s a mechanic) had a look at my Maestro to see what was causing the ignition problem. It turned out that I’d burnt out the distributer and when he’d discovered the problem he turned to look at me and said “There’s no way the car should be even starting!!!! How do you do it?!!!” in disbelief, but with a smile on his boat race!!!! 🙂 “Sometimes I dont know myself!” was all I could reply.

So, I was meant to be in London, at least for the foreseeable, and then one thing led to another and life took some other unexpected turns.

Love and Light,


Author: Lee D Miller

I'm a bloke from Barking who has travelled the world and done his best to learn and enlighten. There's so much to learn and you cant do it all in a classroom. The World is the classroom and it's important that people wake-up to that fact.

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