Miller and the Kings Canyon Adventure Part II

So……….the King and the Canyon 🙂 … (I know, I know….. I’m such a ship and anchor, but you gotta let me off…… I am a Leo after all!!!!)……

…………I’m walking into the distance as fast as my plates of meat will carry me…..just as I like it and leaving dust in my wake :-). Its an absolutely beautiful walk along the base of the Canyon…..with trees hugging the the base peatering out as the canyon becomes steeper at the edges. The terrains quite rugged in patches and it was good fun moving at pace over them.

Although that walk is around a 1 1/2 mile return and the loop around the rim just over 4 miles, the signs always exagerate the times they “warn” you it should take. The rim loop was billed at 6 hours and 1 1/2 hours for the bottom!!!!!! Now…..even though its not a leisurely walk and looked extremely up and down, rugged and demanding……..I reckoned even a slug could do 4 miles in 6 hours!!!!! Bloody muppet Australian sign writers!!!! Always bill things for the very lowest common denominator………the hiker whos already dead on arrival!!!!! 😉 I reached the end within 15-20 minutes!!!!!!!!, had a leisurely sit down and took in the scenery for about 15 minutes (at the end is sacred ground for the Aborigines and theres a viewing area platform to view the rest of the canyon further down which they request you dont enter…..and I could see why… did feel very special there).

After that I started heading out back on myself and 15 minutes later, just before I took the turn off for the loop, I crossed the older part of the group and nodded to the driver, who was giving a group lecture on something or other (and who looked both suprised and pissed off at me!). They were gonna spend half a day meandering along that short walk receiving subtle dialogues on each and every piece of flora, fauna and colourful stone they passed!!!!!…..oh my God……I really cant be doing with that kinda shit…….quite frankly……I’d rather be walking to my death!!!!!! 🙂 Stroll on!………

So then I approached the ascent point, which comprises of steep steps going up to the rim. I could see they went for a way before they dipped away at a different angle, obscuring the rest of the trail upwards, so I was unable to see the rest of the group. I was sure they couldnt have got far, so I banged into the assent and was approaching the rim faster then Elton John at a gay orgy!!!!!;-) (was that one in bad taste?…..fuck it….I’m leaving it in!!!!) By the time I was at the top I had caught the rest of the group!!!! This group was alot younger then the rest……..ranging from the late twenties to mid-forties at a guess and seemed to be walking at a reasonable pace. But it wasnt reasonable enough and after a polite chat with “I’ve forgotten her name” I rocked on. She was a nice woman by the way.

So I spent the whole day ducking and diving, taking in the red scenery, walking up to and over ledges, edges and……err…….erm….sledges?….no….er…..wedges!!!!…..that’ll do, nice one!!!:-). At one point I was standing right on the edge of one of the canyon faces (which is surprisingly perfectly smooth all the way down) and looking over it, and this aussie bird goes to me….”You should be careful of the edges….they might give way”. I thought “I’m really not gonna die today love” but just said “Well what a way to go if it does……three secounds of free fall…..FANTASTIC”……yeah, I honestly said that….little did I know how true my statement was at the time!!!!!……..She goes “Well I dont think you’ll get that long”…….so I replies “Well, if thats the case then its not that high then…….so whats to be afraid of!!!!!” 🙂

Anyway, to cut a long story short (for once!!!!!)……I’d spent the day walking fast and chilling in beautiful spots in equal measure, falling behind the group and then overtaking them. It was the like the tortous and the hare….only on this occassion the hare won hands down…..cos when I finally got back to the car park, I got myself an ice-cream and wandered back over to the bus, seeing the driver in his seat…….and guess what the time was…..11.50 am bang on!!!!!!

Now as I approached the door and the driver looked at me, I knew that he knew that I knew that I was there bang on time…..and he knew that I knew that he knew I was there bang on time…..but even though we both knew we both knew that we both knew I was there bang on time….neither of us said a word about it!!!!!! We just exchanged a few pleasentaries as I munched me ice-cream and waited for the rest of the group…..who……turned up at a time sponsored by accurist to be of………12…..23……. precisely……..beep……..beep……..beep!!!! 🙂

And he left their bloody bags on the bus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bloody pilchard!!!!

So anyway, it was onto Alice Springs……..and some very significant experiences 🙂 .

Love and light,




Author: Lee D Miller

I'm a bloke from Barking who has travelled the world and done his best to learn and enlighten. There's so much to learn and you cant do it all in a classroom. The World is the classroom and it's important that people wake-up to that fact.

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