Miller and the Rules of Mickey Mouse

Well, things have moved on somewhat since the last time I mailed. I’m in New Zealand now, have sorted out my work visa and start a job around Abel Tasman National park in a weeks time. Meant to be beautiful around there and not so much on the beaten path. Feel like I want some chill time around there, after all the partying in Australia, but first I’m heading for Queenstown to have me some thrill time in Kiwilands self-determined adventure sports capital of the world!!!!!!

I really had to get out of Australia though…. on the one hand I was getting bored…. and on the other the place was doing my fucking nut in with all its anal rules and regulations!!!!! A great place with great people……. but its far from being a place of freewill……… and there’s nothing worse then a people who live in prison but believe that they are free. So…. lets get on with Mickey Mouse and the escape from Oz!:-)

Bloody hell….. I so loved Australia when I arrived and feel so disappointed by its apparent lack of guts when sticking its finger up to authority….. but its not even that….. its the lack of guts just QUESTIONING authority!!!! The whole time I was in Oz I was made to feel like some kind of anarchist….. and I’m not….. I’m not I tell ya!!!!……. well……. not completely……. I just believe its everyones duty to question the rules and ask for those rules to be justified……. and NOT to accept them like a bunch of bloody SHEEP!!!!!!

The thing that I discovered with Australia is that most people seem to live in so much fear of the rules and the penalties, that they spread their fear onto everyone else, refuting the moral of freewill and personal responsibility, and in effect start policing each other!!! The sheep start policing the sheep so that in the end the police aren’t even needed!!!!!

*I read about an experiment conducted with 5 chimpansese. They were put in a cage with a ladder leading up to a banana. Each time a chimp went to climb the ladder to get the banana, the remaining chimps were hosed with water. After a time the chimps as a group realised this and if any chimp went to climb the ladder the rest prevented him and beat him. Then, one chimp from the original group was taken out and replaced with a new chimp. The new chimp, without knowing the rules, attempted to climb the ladder to the banana and was hence battered by the rest of the group.

The replacing of the chimps continued one by one, with the same result each time, until none of the original group remained. Yet the chimps continued to enforce that rule even though none of them had any idea WHY they couldnt climb the ladder!!! It’s just an example of how easy it is to become programmed into accepting rules and cultural ideals, without question, if you choose to give your freedom of thought away. You just follow what all the other sheep are doing.*

About 3 weeks ago, ANOTHER copper clocked me crossing the road while the crossing was on a red man. He shouted out to me just before I was half way across the road. I turned round, looked him in the mince pies then turned and carried on. And you know what I thought?…… “Well, if he does decide to give chase….. I’m gonna have one hell of a head start…… cos he has to wait for the green man!!!!!!! ;-)”. But as it happens nothing happened….. I guess he couldnt have been arsed to break into a sweat and turn….. Red!!!!! 🙂

But my whole experience was turning into daily events like that……. from all angles and all situations. New Years Eve was a case in point. I’d arranged to have a barbicue on the roof of my appartment block and on the day the security guards informed me that I couldn’t do that because it was 40 degrees and could be a fire risk!!!!! What?!!!!! Now for one it aint 40 degrees in the evening, for 2 its on a roof in the middle of the city (what exactly is it gonna burn?!!!), for 3 it aint even a proper bbq, just one of those moody glorified electric frying pan ones (WITH NO FLAME!!!!) and for 4….. well I dont need a 4 cos the other 3 are so good!!! 🙂

This was meant to be the land of BBQ’s and we werent allowed to have one on New Years Eve!!!! Now, thats fair enough out in the sticks or in the parks……. but on a roof?!!!!! Apparently it was ok to cook the food in the flat (on GAS!!!) and bring it down and use the area but the security guard goes”If an official comes and spot checks us then we’ll get a severe fine”. What kind of ponsy official is gonna go round doing “spot checks” on New Years Eve?….. its all bollocks!!!! Surely the only spot check he would be doing was squeezing his yellow heads in the mirror before he left for his party!!!! Fucking Twats!!!!!

So the BBQ was off and we had to make new plans, confronted with signs put up in Melbourne everywhere saying……. wait for it…..”NO ALCOHOL IN PUBLIC PLACES”…….What the fuck?!!!!! It was fucking New Years Eve!!!!!! And then I “spotted” everyone using the BBQ’s in the parks !!!!!!!! Gor Blimey… poxy fucking bollocks rules!!! And it aint so much about the rules, rather the people enforcing them… or not as the case may be!!!!

After New Year I headed for Manly again and was confrounted head on with all this shit in its purest form. It was like a reflection of all the thoughts I’d been having, squaring up and challenging me. In Manly, you seem to be able to do fuck all without breaking someones rules!!!!

No Alcohol on the beach, No alcohol in public (so the beach isnt public then?!!!) No smoking on the beach, No smoking on the esplanade (That’s basically on the street….the fucking pavement!!!! Now I’m a non-smoker, but even I find that completely intolerable and a complete invasion of freewill!!!!), No cycling here…. No cycling there, No walking in this door…. No walking out that door, No aggressive behaviour and…………… NO SWEARING!!!!! A friend I was with got arrested for swearing!!!!!…..I swear!!!! ;-)….I’m not making this up!!!!! It was all bollocks and I’d had enough… I got out…

And so it was onto New Zealand and back to following my heart again… because you should never be afraid to follow your heart….. the universe will provide for all your needs, just as long as you stay focused, tell it what you want and follow your heart.

It just will ok……its the LAW!!!!!!….. And it’s not a Mickey Mouse one!!!! 🙂

Love and light,





Miller and the Blue Mountains Adventure

Well, I got to the Blue Mountains and had a great time. These German birds I met in Sydney invited me to meet up with them there and we hooked up in the YHA hostel….. and bloody hell…. it aint a hostel….its like a stunning hotel!!!! It’s beautiful…. I could well have had a holiday there!!! 🙂

Anyway, in Sydney, the German birds had been eating only noodles and shit all week long. One night they even had just a bag of oven chips (…. with tomato sauce….a la carte hey!!!!) and they had the front to turn their nose up at my beans on toast!!! What an insult to English quisine!!! I ask ya…. what a liberty!!! So I had said, in Sydney, that in the Blue Mountains, I’d cook them a proper bit of English grub, which would be simple, delicious, healthy, easy to make and CHEAP (like the budgie)…. and they readily agreed.

So once I got there, we went out shopping and I proceeded to buy the ingredients for bangers and mash, with brocolli and carrots (….and gravy…. this was gonna be proper a la carte hey!!!). Oh, and not just any old sausages…… Kangaroo sausages!!!!……. Hey, I’m in Australia now!!!! So anyways, I gets to work on “Le Anglaise Production C’est Manifique” and the girls helped out as best they could and 20 minutes later…… Roberts your fathers brother……. we had “Le Anglaise mange c’est tres bien”!!! 🙂

They loved it!!!! Ate every bit and even wiped up the gravy with some bread like proper working class people should!!!! Compliments ensued and Miller had a big smile on his face….. another convert!!! You see…… you foreign types……. you love slagging off English food but none of you have really sampled it or given it a chance. You’re too busy relaying the horror stories of the output of the resturant on the P and O ferry as you were crossing the English Channel!!! Give it a chance….. it’s simple and very wholesome!!!!! 🙂

Anyway, the girls wanted to go to bed early, so it was time to make some new friends and I clocked a couple of sweet looking Japanese birds and decided they needed some entertaining!!! 🙂 Anyway, as the conversation developed we ended up talking about spitualism and the dogma of religion, and I told them about the time I was in Bangkok and went to a Buddist temple with Mint….

*Mint was this Thai girl I spent a lot of time with during my first week in Bangkok. She was the head receptionist at my hotel and we got quite close (nothing like that, just as friends…. my heart was elsewhere at the time and when I’m with someone I’m with them. It’s just me). She was a really lovely person, really true to herself and we had some nice times.*

….. As we went into the temple we sat in front of the Budda and I sat how it felt natural and comfortable for me to sit…. with my legs crossed outstretched in front of me and my arms supporting me keeping me upright outstretched behind. It felt beautiful in there and I was really feeling at ease. Then an older woman attendant (?) came over and started saying something to Mint with a very agitated voice and Mint whispered in my ear that the woman said I shouldn’t sit like that. So I obliged out of respect and sat on my knees….. (I didn’t feel at peace then because it felt so bloody uncomfortable!!!!).

Anyhow, when we got back outside Mint was all apologies to me for the woman “reprimanding” me and because she told me how to sit. I was like….”Mint, its cool. I wasn’t offended in anyway and I sat differently out of respect for their rules…… but the thing is…. the Budda doesn’t care how you sit when you go into a temple to worship him. Those are the rules of MEN. All the Budda cares about is what is in your heart and what your intentions are. And if that’s not the case then he’s not enlightened and he doesn’t deserve the adoration”. Mint agreed, and it was really nice.

After I told that story the Japanese woman said “Do you know what the name Mint means?” I said “No”. She then said “It’s the most special name you can be given in the far east…… it means Enlightenment”. Now that was special :-).

Next day was all about walking and the thing about the Blue Mountains is they are actually blue!!!! And they’re beautiful!!! It’s something to do with the gases or the vapours that the eucalyptus trees give off. When the sun light hits them it gives of a blue essence….. much like that of old ladies hair…. except without the perm!!!! :-).

Then it was back to Sydney and I checked into a different hostel which gave free beer tokens. I sorted out the mini-bus to the airport for the next morning and headed off to the pub for a cheeky free pint and was gonna do the email thing…. but…. you guessed it…… I met some people I knew and that cheeky pint turned into a cheeky….. you know what I lost count!!!!!

Was chatting with this nice Aussie bird who was half-Chinese and half-White. Sweet as ;-). She had just left everything at home further north cos life had gone a bit pear-shaped, and was trying her luck in Sydney. Top girl…. good stuff. Anyway, as the night went on I once again run out of money and she carried on buying me drinks….. even topper girl!!!! Well, as you probably guessed we ended up going back to my hostel and had a nice night.

So, after hours of slipping in and out of… sleep, I woke to look at the clock. IT WAS 8.11AM!!!!!!!!! I had less than 10 minutes to get my shit together, check out of the hostel and meet the mini-bus!!!! Muppet!!!!

And that’s just about when the Ayers Rock Adventure began.

Love and Light,


Miller and the Sydney Adventure Part II

Well, been a good coupla weeks since I arrived. For the first week I kept going out for a cheeky pint, and that cheeky pint kept turning into a cheeky 4!!!…. then the Ashes started and well…. I couldn’t miss it!!! Went down this pub to watch it and ended up sitting next to an Australian. Well, as you may guess the initial conversation was a bit of a “digging” contest, and I realised that many years ago I would’ve got wound up by a couple of the things the guy was saying but as it happens, I got a better view of the world these days and I was actually revelling in the fact that I was sitting in Australia, watching the Ashes with a genuine Australian giving me digs……. and after a few mandatory digs back, the initial firing exchanges were complete and friendly fire ensued, and Jack turned out to be a top geezer!!! Was in the pub till 4.30 in the morning! I ran outtta money by 2, but the beers just kept coming!!! Top night!!

AND…. WE FUCKING WON THE ASHES!!!!! What a time to be in Australia! I do pick my moments! We’ve got the world cup and now the Ashes!!!!…… saw the scenes in London and it was the first time I wished I was back in England. Oh well….. hopefully we’ll win it the next time too!!! To be fair, the Australians have been good sports about it over here….. they’ve just not mentioned it!!!! 🙂

Speaking of good timing, went to Manly last weekend and had a great time. Got off the ferry to discover it was their 150th anniversary. Loads of shit was going on all day and the fireworks in the evening were really cool. The place reminds me of Weymouth a lot, with the beach and the main pub/club strip. I loved living in Weymouth and there’s a similar holiday vibe in Manly…… except with the added bonus that there’s more sunshine and bigger waves!!!!! 🙂

But anyway, just finished two weeks hard graft. Started the Monday after I got here and finished yesterday…. and its been proper hard labour…….. proper Mad Dogs and Englishman in the Midday Sun type stuff!!!! Been labouring at this building site barrowing bricks up a slope, pick axing and digging the foundations of an extension…. then barrowing everything back out, lifting and dumping it onto a truck because they couldn’t get a digger through to the back garden!!!

Two bloody weeks of it….. and guess what (I love the way I dream)…. the house is directly opposite the main entrance of the first prison built by the convicts in Australia!!!! Unbelievable, but so cool!!!! I’ve been working my right of passage, digging the same ground and pick axing the same bedrock that the convicts did when they first arrived in Australia!!!! I’ve been living the Australian Dream….. or was it a nightmare?!!!! Either way I’ve definitely followed in the footsteps of me ancestors!!! Felt like I’ve been working in some kind of chain gang….. except there’s been no chain….. and there’s been no gang!!!! Just me and another English guy called Gary!!!


Was hoping they’d give me a plot of land at the end of it… but instead the Greek owner of the firm tried to knock us for $50 when he paid us yesterday!!! Declan, who was the Paddy site manager and absolutely diamond geezer, said that seeing as we’d worked so hard all week, if we got the final bit of work done on Friday it’ll be “Job and Knock”. So we knocked our bollocks out and had the job finished by lunchtime… and then the bubble and squeak came along and only paid us for half the day!!!! Ship and anchor!!!!!! In fact, he didn’t even have the honour to come and give us the money himself, he just gave it to Declan and drove off!!! Declan saw how pissed off I was and I think was a bit ashamed of how this George fella had behaved, so he made up the $50 himself and said he’d get it off George the next week. Top bloke!!! Was a pleasure to work for him and I’m glad he had the decency to do that because it would have soured what was a good couple of weeks work, really enjoyed it.

Also had a cheeky look around the prison (its an arts college now… so there’s been some nice scenery…. if you know what I mean 😉 ) and its also a really impressive building, really aesthetically and pleasing to the eye…. those convicts did a blinding job!!! 🙂

And this is the enigma – a couple of centuries ago all you had to do to get to Australia was steal an apple….. and now you gotta pay for your own flight, get a visa and everything!!!! Howz that fair?!!! 🙂 I saw Tracey Ulman on Parkinson a few years ago and he asked her how she became so good at doing accents. She said she’d imagine what it was to be that person before she did the accent, and…. using the Australian accent as an example… she goes because that accent descends from the cockney accent, she said that she just imagined what it was like to be a cockney arrested in London (for stealing that apple and having the audacity to eat it!!! ), being put in the hull of a ship for 6 weeks, then walking off of the ship into scorching heat and onto a land scalded by bright sunshine. Your face squints up, your cheeks raise and your eyes turn into slits…. and you say in what will now be an Australian accent………..

“Gor Blimey, its Bloody hot over here!!!!”

It’s funny because its true!!!! 🙂

Anyway, thats me for now. Off to the Blue Mountains for a few days, then Ayers Rock.

Love and Light,


Miller and the Search for the Moon

Vicky, you know that film you was on at me about last September (or was it in January?) Well, I completely forgot the title of it almost immediately, but have been looking out for it ever since…. if that makes any sense….. I knew I’d remember it as soon as I saw it again. Well, I saw it advertised a coupla days after I got here – “What The Bleep Do We Know”. Went out to dinner with this French girl last week and we saw it afterwards. Good stuff…. and guess what……. as we were walking back after the film she showed me this photo on her digital camera, that she had taken 1/2 hour or so before she met me that evening, which had completely freaked her out……. it was a picture of the night time skyline of Sydney and on the picture, in the sky above the buildings, was a full moon…….. only when she looked at the same view of the sky with her own eyes, after she’d taken the photo, she noticed that…… THERE WAS NO MOON THERE!!!!! We then searched the sky to see if we could see the moon……. and we could……. but it was just less than a half moon crescent!!!! Good shit!!!! The best kind in fact!!!! But bloody freaky!!!! 🙂

(Extract from a Sydney email)

Miller and the Sydney Adventure Part I

Right…… Laos…… no actually, I’m gonna keep up to date with Australia and fill in the Laos missing link another time..…. Ok…. Aaauuuussssstttrrraaaaalllliiiiiaaa…………..

Mate….. as soon as I got here I loved it!!! You couldn’t take the smile off my face. I’ve travelled so much that I’d thought I’d lost the buzz you feel when you get to a new place or country…. but this had a different dimension to even that….. I had/have the sensation that I’ve returned home….. I know, bizarre hey, but real all the same. There’s a vibe here which I’ve never felt anywhere before…. a real positive energy….. it feels like a place where YOU CAN DO STUFF!!!!! England’s a wonderful country, but its full of people telling you “YOU CANT DO THAT” for whatever reason they have or whatever agenda they wish to pursue. Feels different here and I’m loving it!!!!!!

As soon as I’d checked into my hostel, I got hold of a map and found my way down to the Royal Botanical Gardens. As I walked through the gardens I began to notice the wildlife and nature etc. The colours looked so vibrant, I’ve never seen anything like them before, not even in the Amazon. Anyway, I went and sat on the rocks, by the water, overlooking the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. I felt so happy, the sensation of being at home was overwhelming, you could not take the smile off my boat race!!!!….. and then a boat named the Captain Cook sailed by and that smile got even bigger…. he was my hero when I was a kid!!!! 🙂 I just sat there, for hours, taking in the scene and watching the world go by while intermediately popping over to a vendor to keep myself topped up with cups of rosey!!!! I couldn’t bring myself to leave the place…. it felt so amazing!!!!… I felt like Zebedee and Tigger all rolled into one…. I was simply bouncing!!! 🙂

Anyway, later, after I’d returned to the hostel and had a kip, I decided to go back to the harbour and see it by night. I walked around and it was beautiful. I came to an area where there were street performers and was taken aback when I heard the voice of this girl who was singing with just a guitar. Beautiful. I sat there, with a cup of tea and listened to her whole set, getting up to put donations in her case after each song and making cheeky little comments. She was cool as…. is cool as. Cos it was a cold night, there weren’t many people about. People came and went (everyone taken aback by her), but a lot of the time it was me and this middle aged guy enjoying the tunes. I started talking to the guy and it turned out to be her dad!!! After she finished, her dad started packing up and I started having a bit of a giggle with her….. ok ….. I was coming onto her a little bit…. but you wont believe how hard it is to be cheeky with someone when their dads within ears shot!!!! I said as much to her and she said I was doing well……. well its all good then!!!

Melissa said that she was gonna be back there tomorrow afternoon if I was around…… definitely was the word that came to mind!!! So I said goodbye to her and John and went on my way, and ended up having a pukka night in a pub with live music. Oh…… and you know I’ve always said that the thing I miss the most about England when I travel was the freedom to walk into a pub and buy a pint……..well…. in Australia….. I can walk into a pub and….. BUY A PINT!!!!! Fantastic!!!!! 🙂

Mellisa Maylin

So Saturday afternoon I wander down to the harbour, saw Melissa and carried on where I left off. And as I sat there overlooking the opera house, drinking gallons of tea and listening to Melissa doing her thing……. I can honestly say that there was nowhere in the world I would have rather have been. She’s bloody amazing. She’s going to London in three weeks, for six weeks, to try her fortune there. I was talking to John and he said “While she’s there she’s gonna meet with “some guy” called Jools Holland” and he didn’t know who that was!!!!……. I was like “WHAT?….Jools Holland!…. I tell ya….. if she gets to meet him then as opportunities go, she’s pretty well sorted!!!!!”.

Anyway, I got her cd and its special. Look out for her if you’re in London. She’s called Melissa Maylin and Melissa, if you’re reading this and you do meet Mr.Holland…. then sing him Mother Dear, with all your heart and soul, and blow the geezer away!!!! You can do it….. you’re beautiful. Good luck!!! 🙂

On a different note (excuse the punn!!!), walking round Sydney at night is an experience in itself! All this shit people talk about British town centres being out of control at night because of drunken yobs….well you should see it here! And the thing is, violence may have been the main currency on the streets I grew up in, but at least there was usually a reason for it!!!…. It may not have been a good reason…. But there was a reason all the same!!! You would’ve at least had to look at someone the wrong way or piss them off somehow… but here it just feels random!!!!

Two Scottish guys in the hostel were slashed up by a bunch of Aborigines who picked a fight with them, and an English guy in my dorm was walking along when some Aussie guy just came up to pick a fight, then this other guy run from nowhere and smashed a bottle over his head. It’s just random…. you can feel it.

The first night I was here, I was walking through Kings Cross and I saw two Aussie geezers squaring up to each other. They then proceeded to have a real girls fight…. you know…. like the one Hugh Grant and Colin Firth had in Bridget Jones Diary!!!! 🙂 They were swinging all these punches at each other and nothing was connecting….. so they just resorted to pulling at each others clothes and falling over!!!! Would have been funny if it wasn’t so sad!!!! Then the police turn up and I couldn’t believe it…. in England, with anything like that, you’re immediately banged up for the night…. but here its like the last thing the police want to do is arrest you. They seem to just want to make excuses for you and let you off!!! I swear…. ok this is a bit of an over-simplified exaggeration… but they were like with those guys after they broke up the fight…. “Right, now calm down…. now you didn’t really mean to do that did you?…. Well shake hands and move on”…. and the two geezers shook hands and moved on!!! It was unbelievable!!!!

I’m resolute that its far more dignified to just walk away from any bother in this environment, especially after seeing that farce of a fight!!!! And to be honest… I dont want to hurt anyone, I got nothing to prove to anyone…… and I dont particularly want to be hurt by anyone!!! So if bother comes my way, I think I’m gonna take a leaf out of Monty Pythons “The Holy Grail” and just…….. Runaway, Runaway!!!!!!!! 🙂 It’s definitely the only way forward here!!!

Love and Light,


Miller and the Bangkok Adventure Part II

First of all, I wanna just say thanks for all the positive replies I’ve been getting since I started journalising my travels. Its nice to know people are enjoying them and appreciating me sharing my experiences.

Well, you’ll never guess what bloody happened after I finished my last mail to you……… I left the internet place to go and meet the French guys at what I thought was 2.25pm, but when I got to the place where I was meant to meet them, they weren’t there and I discovered it was almost 3 o’clock!!!!! ALL the bloody clocks in the internet place had been set to the same bloody wrong time!!!!!! Either that or I’d just walked into a different reality and lost half hour of my life!!!!!! 😉 I couldn’t bloody believe it!!!! And so it was now too late to get a mini bus or taxi cos of the traffic, and a tuk tuk was out of the question. I didnt know what I was gonna do….. then it came to me ….. A MOPED!!!!

So I went hunting for anyone with a moped to give me a lift. After a few knock backs I eventually came to a propa moped stand and asked a guy how much to the airport. He said “300 bart”…. I said “Bro, I’ve been told its 150” (I hadn’t…. it was a pork pie!!!)….. He said “No, no, its 300” (it wasn’t… that was a pork pie!!!)…… I said “Look, I can give you 200….that’s all I’ve got” (saying pretty much the truth!!!) ….He persisted “250”….. and so I persisted “200”……”250!!!” he demanded….. and so I goes “Bro, you can either earn 200 bart or you can sit on your arse all afternoon sunning your face… what’s it to be?”.

With that he snatched the money from my hand and gave me a pink helmet to put on!!! I said “Bud, I’m really not into helmets…. especially pink ones!!!”. He said “You must…its the law”. I thought fuck it…. I really need to get to this airport!!!!

So off we screeched, me with a pink helmet and my backpack on, on what was gonna turn-out to be the ride of my life!!!! The geezer was a nutter!!! I said at first “Bud, you do realise I’m not in a rush now”. But he just kept saying “Its ok” while patting me on the leg and asking me to keep my knee in!!! He was taking diabolical liberties on this moped at every turn and we were flying through the traffic at up to between 80-100 km an hour, missing cars and buses by inches! I think the deal was he was trying to teach me a lesson for winning the bartering round by trying to shit me up! But what he didn’t bargain for was the fact that I was absolutely bloody loving it!!!!!

At every “near miss” I was shouting in his ear combinations of “GO ON SON!” – “NICE ONE!” – “HAVE IT!” – “YOU’RE FUCKING MENTAL MATE!” and laughing!!! After one near miss, however (a woman cyclist had decided it was a good idea to cycle SLOWLY straight across a three lane carriage way!!!!!), I thought I’d better do a bit of a spiritual thing and visualise myself arriving safely at the airport. That done, I felt free to enjoy the experience again!!! 🙂

It was funny though, as we were speeding along the highway we touched 100k and the wind was tearing my eyes apart. I thought “Should’ve worn me sunglasses”. Then I had a panic…. What did I do with my sun glasses??? ……”Oh for Christ’s sake, I haven’t lost another pair of sunglasses have I???” I thought……”What a bloody muppet!!!!” (I keep breaking or losing sunglasses for some reason). Then I went to protect my eyes with my hand and found I was bloody wearing them!!!!!! We were going that fast!!!! 🙂

Mid way we stopped to fill up with petrol and the guy had a dialogue in Thai with the pump attendant. I tried to join in by imitating the guy on the moped and saying “This guys crazy!” They looked at each other, said something in Thai and laughed. I goes “Bro…. what did you say?” and he said “You…(then pointing to my groin area)…..Big Dick!” and laughed while nodding his head!!! 🙂

So we gets to the airport safe and sound, and I’m thinking “I gotta give this guy a bit of a tip…. you’d pay 30 quid for a ride like that at Blackpool Pleasure Beach!”. So I hunted my pockets for any bart coins I had left and gave him them. I said “I wish I could give you more mate” and he eyed up the sandwiches I had in my carrier bag…. so I gave him one and he was very pleased!!!! I said “Thanks bud” and he said “Good luck to you!” and sped off. So I got the ride of my life for 200bart, some shrapnel and a sandwich!!! And you dont get value like that at Blackpool … or Southend!!!!!! 🙂

Anyway, I goes and checks in and as I’m going through passport control, there before me are the French dudes. Once through, as I had no money left, they chipped in and got me a beer with them…. viva la France! Turns out they’ve got friends in Berlin too, so we made a plan to meet up for the world Cup in Germany next year. England, Germany and France….. fuck the European Union…. lets just play football!!!!

Next stop…. Aaauuuussssstttrrraaaaalllliiiiiaaa!!! 🙂

Love and Light,


Miller and the Bangkok Adventure Part I

Well, I’m back in Bangkok at the mo and heading for Australia later on today for the next leg of this round the world experience. Did wanna get all this banged out and caught up with by the time I hit Oz, but I’m a notoriously slow typer, so its taking me forever and is costing me a fortune!!!!!! Its lucky there’s no propa long stories happening at the moment, cos I dont think I’ll ever catch up! I am experiencing loads of wonderful synchronisms though which are making life a lot simpler and straight forward. You know what I mean, meeting the right person at the right time or being in the right place at the perfect moment in order to take advantage or create an opportunity.

Like this morning, for instance…. I was walking along knowing I had to sort out my lift to the airport and was going to the place where I got my mini bus ticket when I returned to England a month ago (I had a really good giggle with the woman there when I bought the ticket. As I was waiting there we had a bit of banter and played noughts and crosses and then boxes for about 45 minutes until the bus came). I thought it’d be nice to say hello anyhow and so I went back there.

Anyway, when I got there, the place was gutted….. being totally renovated, so I thought…..oh well, I’ll try elsewhere. Then as I walked along I heard a woman calling out “LEE….LEE!!!”. I looked up and it was the woman riding her bike along the road!!!! She looked really pleased to see me and said “I’ve been thinking about you” and I said “And I’ve been thinking about you too…. I need a bus to the airport!!!”. She laughed and said “This way”!!!

Anyway, as she starts selling me a ticket she mentions the mini bus will take 1 1/2 hours to get to the airport cos there’s many people to pick up. Then my intuition kicked in and I thought it’d be better to get a cab. So I said “I’m gonna think about it first and have breakfast”. She said “ok” and so I went next door, where there was a guest house restaurant, and as I’m looking at the menu I looked up and there was Yonick (a French guy who I was on the rafting trip with). We had a chat, and it turned out that him and his mate’s flight for France was leaving within ten minutes of my flight to Sydney. They were also debating whether or not to get a taxi or mini bus to the airport. But with three of us it should be cheaper to get a taxi and also be quicker and easier!!! Job done!!!! And so I’m hooking up with them as soon as I finish this email!!!

So anyway, after I finish the Cambodian section… it’s off to Oz!!!!

Love and Light,


Miller and the Adventure Enroute to Laos

Right….. this next bit I was gonna keep personal, but I dont see how it matters much now, and it’ll help you to understand where I was at that point, and also it’s good that I remember. Ok…. avert your eyes if you’re queasy…. this could get soppy!!! 🙂

Just before I left, and in true Miller style, I fell for a girl. Yep… rainbows, sunshine rays, the works…. fantastic timing hey!!! But anyway, just as I’d reached the point where hope for the future had turned to the realisation that – “You know what…. this really aint gonna happen”…. this happened……..

I was on the bus from Phonom Phen to Kratchie. My emotions were fucked, I’d been ill, I hadnt slept properly for a couple of nights, I was unshaven and my face reflected how I was feeling inside…. down and disheartened. Usually when I go about I’m open and initiating contact, but on this day I was closed and avoiding other people……. yet whenever I happened to catch someone’s eye, they smiled at me even though I wasn’t initiating anything. Does everyone experience that genuine smile from a complete stranger? I hope so!

Anyway, I was sitting on the bus, feeling down and minding my own business, when this lady with a child came up to me. She looked into my eyes, smiled and offered me some corn on the cob. I’d just eaten some of my own so politely refused. She smiled and nodded and sat back down. Then a couple of minutes later she came up to me again and this time offered me a hard boiled egg. I smiled and accepted and was very thankful. She smiled and went back to her seat.

These are poor people who struggle to survive on what little they have…… and she did that……. but why?……. and why to me? I tell you what….. I’ve been told before that I shine light into the lives of the people I meet…….. but people shine so much light into my life too! It was one of the kindest acts I’ve ever experienced because I was in such a low place. The egg was lovely by the way and I bought them a drink later on the journey. Lovely lovely 🙂

So from Krachtie to Stung Treng, and from Stung Treng to the border by the fasted boat in the east!!!! They’re long, thin, flat boats powered by…… car engines!!!…. fantastic and fucking loud!!! People had been saying you shouldn’t use them cos apparently there’s fatalities every week, and if you do… wear a crash helmet!!!….. yawn bloody yawn I was like!!!! Anyway though, as we’re speeding along the river at between 40-50 miles an hour I tried putting my hand in the water……. except it didn’t feel like water at all… it felt like bloody concrete!!!!!! Where was that bloody crash helmet?!!!!  🙂

So we gets to what has been billed the most corrupt border in the region. Apparently they always demand a bribe. So, not wanting to get involved in corrupt money exchanges, I went armed with a can of beer and a lollypop!!!! 🙂

Anyway, this Canadian guy and his Korean girlfriend (who I was on the speed boat with) went through first and apparently gave about a dollar bribe. So it was my turn to go into the office. The official wanted 3 dollars, but I just played the sweet little Englishman who’d already paid his visa act. The geezer was blatantly a good man who knew he was taking liberties and so he just stamped my passport without me giving him a bribe. Nice one! 🙂

But as I walked out the office, I thought…”You know what… I’m gonna give you that beer anyway”. So I did…. and all the border guards gave a little cheer!!! It was pukka!!!

So, on we went to try our luck at the Laos side armed with a lollypop and some sweets! And in hindsight, I’m glad I gave that beer to the decent bloke the Cambodian guy was, cos as events transpired, my first three hours in Laos were…… to be frank ….on the edge!!!

Love and Light,



Miller and the Phenom Phen Adventure

Dunno if you’re aware, but as little as two and a half decades ago Cambodia was being ruled by the Khymer Rouge, a completely evil regime which stripped its population of everything from material possessions to individual self worth. History didn’t exist beyond year zero…. the year they took power, and children were taught that the expression of love and relationships was wrong and they had to reject and disown their families. Any person showing any kind of intelligence or individuality was seen as a threat, arrested, tortured and inevitably killed in the killing fields. The brain washed kids were used to police the adults…… nice hey. For me, the onslaught and attempt at the complete destruction of the human spirit on an entire population was worse than what the Nazi’s did during world war 2. I’d argue the point if I thought it was worth it.

While in the capital I went to a place called Tong Sleung (probably got that spelling completely wrong). It’s the school that was converted into a prison and used as a centre of torture during the KR years. I had a really strange experience there.

As I walked around, seeing the places where these atrocities had occurred and seeing the pictures of the people it had happened to, I started feeling really low, it was really getting me down. I couldn’t comprehend how such a thing like that could have occurred and what could have brought people to commit such acts of evil on other human beings. It’s awful. Then as I continued to walk I started thinking of all the people I loved back home, me mum, little brothers etc, and suddenly I was in the opposite polarity. I was feeling elated and full of love! I started thinking….. should I be feeling like this in such a place?……. then I thought, Damn right…….. this place needs all the love it can get!

Near the end of the tour route there was a wall with a load of graffiti on it. Some of the comments were a bit wise…. other comments were distinctly unwise, but one beautiful person had written a quote by Gandhi, which, as I read it, made me feel as light as a feather….

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”

Could you have put a truth any better then that? Is there a greater path to your infinite power and potential? Beautiful.

Anyway, just as I returned to the guest house, literally as I walked in the door, the opening credits of a film were on the tv screen. I had intended to go straight up to my room and get some kip cos I was cream crackered, but thought I’d wait for a moment and see what the film was….. it turned out to be the Killing Fields. I’d never seen it before so I thought I’d better go with this synchronism and watch it. Bloody Hell…… 2 hours later my heads fucked. Superbly human film, but with the double whammy of actually being at a site where some of that shit actually happened hours before you can imagine where my emotions were. So I went out for a walk along the river. Felt pretty numb at the time…. wasn’t thinking anything, just watched the world go by as it passed me.

I passed this food vendor and saw a pastry type thing that looked edible, so resolved to munch it!!! Just as I was about to purchase it, a little beggar boy came up to me and indicated for me to buy him one. I thought…. why not and said “ok”. Then his eyes lit up and he started shouting “My friend, my friend”…… and out of nowhere another beggar boy turned up (his friend) and he asked me to buy him one too! I was like “You cheeky little monkeys…. go on then”. So we each had one and as it happened it turned out cheaper for me anyway cos the vendor geezer was gonna rip me off, but the lads made him charge me the “local” price!!! 🙂

So I went and sat down by the river and started to munch on me pasty like type thing, which was actually quite nice. To my surprise, a couple of minutes later, the lads come and joined me. I thought they’d just scarpered, so we just sat there by the river stuffing our north and south’s taking the world in. It was pleasant uninteractive company. Then this lady drinks vendor came up to me offering me drinks, and I started having a joke around with her, and to cut along story short, as time passed by, more and more Cambodians added to our little group until there was about 8-10 of us having a bubble by the side of the river and not speaking a word of English! A pukka evening by all accounts!!! It was so lovely 🙂

Phenom Phen was the place I started getting ill on the “local” food though. I’d pretty much stuck with it up until then, but ever since every time I eat or even think about eating this fried rice/noodle malarkey, I come over all tom dick! It aint the way forward for me…. and to be quite frank…. when your dinner comes out of your arse, looking the same as when it went in your mouth, there’s something definitely wrong with the recipe!!!

Anyway, after Phenom Phen it was onto Silhoukoville to be by the beach for a week (it rained!!!) then back to Phenom Penn and onto Laos via Kratie and Stung Tren.

Love and Light,



Miller and the Adventure to Vang Veing

Well, the morning was dismal and wet, as the bus set off for the capital. Oh… to be in England!!!! 🙂 I had to go back to Vientienne enroute to Vang Veing which lay in the north west part of the country, by the mountains and on the way to Luang Probang. I was only going there because I’d happened to hear about the place and it sounded cool as, with tubing (going down the river on a tyre tube drinking beer!!!) being the main draw!!! But it meant that I had to spend another night in Vientienne in order to catch another bus the next day….luckily, I still had time before this international meeting started!!!!

I wondered if I would see Bee, Caroline and Tim/Tim again as they said they were heading the same way too. Would be cool, but didn’t think that much more of it.

There was a thick mist throughout the pass this time, with it being rainy and cold throughout the journey. Our armed escort looked extra vigilant throughout…. especially when the bus had to slow down to negotiate the odd small landslide caused by the heavy rain. I dunno though….. having someone with a gun around doesn’t really make me feel secure….. in fact it generally has the opposite effect!!!

And just cos that persons a policeman doesnt make it feel any better because not every coppers a good person who genuinely has justice and your rights at heart. Much of the time they’re just pawns of the state carrying out and enforcing the agendas of politicians cos it’s their job. The same goes for soldiers…… wars would stop tomorrow if they refused to pick up their guns when their conscience told them to…..but orders are orders hey….. even if they do come from spiritually inept political leaders who try and overcome their gapping energy deficit through a thirst for individual power and greed. And that same spiritually inept political class manipulated the population into believing Muhammed Ali was a traitor when he refused to fight!!!!! And they did it, not because they were afraid of the strength of his fists…… but because they feared the effect of the strength of his enlightenment. One person can change the world…… without a gun……. and they know it!!!!!

Once in Vientienne, I checked back into a room at the guest house. The next morning I went out for breakfast at the only decent place in town…….. and the only place in Laos where you can get western food……. with western standards…..and it was….The Swedish Bakery……HALLALUYA!!!! The Swedish bakery is a Gem Stone in the communist grey crown of Vientienne!!! It’s a bakery with all the European trimmings, which also doubles up as a restaurant where fried rice and vegetables are not on the menu!!!! But you can get FRIED BACON!!!!!! And if that wasn’t enough….. Earl Grey and English Breakfast Tea aswell!!!! Along with……. papers in English!!!! FANTASTIC!!!! I felt like a very jolly boy…….. and I wasnt even on an outing!!!! 🙂

AHH MATE….. you would not believe the sensation of experiencing western civilisation after you’ve been away from it for so long!!!! Its great traveling the world and seeing different places…. but it felt so good to order some food and then have the pleasure of eating it, without wondering if the script for “Gandhi Stikes Back” was in the process of being written!!!!! 🙂

So I ordered my English breakfast….. which was annoyingly labeled “American Breakfast”…… and sat down to begin munching my beloved!!!!!…… and then Bee turned up with the crew!!!

“How you doing?” I asked “I thought you guys were heading off when I went to the Plain of Jars?”. “We were, but the buses weren’t going because of a landslide on the road, we’ve been stuck here, but we’re leaving today” she said. It was the landslide Owen had been going on about!!!!….  “Nice one, can I join you then?” I asked….
“OF COURSE” was her wonderful reply.

I told them the deal on the breakfast and went to get myself another English Breakfast Tea at the counter in the room next door. It was so funny, as I was ordering, I was having fun with all the girls working there (4 of them), in my usual way, and just as I cracked a joke and made them all laugh similtaneously…. Bee walked through the door and gave me a funny smile… “You flirting with all the girls again?” she said and actually looked jealous!!!! Fantastic!!!! “Yeah….. would’ve been rude not too” I winked back at her. Then after she’d ordered everyone’s stuff too, we proceeded to go back and join the others with Bee informing everyone of what had just happened….. “You should’ve seen him” she appeared to enjoy saying!!!!… “Gor Blimey love…. I’d love to see you too!” I thought!!!

And so, straight after breakfast, reunited and feeling all the better for some bacon and eggs, a cup of tea and catching up on the football results……….. the double couple and the crafty cockney continued together on their journey. We were like the Famous Five….. guess who was gonna be Timmy!!! 🙂 ….. and Enid Blyton was going to enjoy writing the next chapter………… because the next adventure was all about…………. Vang Veing!!!

Isn’t life nice sometimes!!!!!  🙂

Love and Light,