Miller and the Ayers Rock Adventure Part I

So it was 8.11 in the morning and the bus was picking me up at 8.20. I tell you what…. it was like the first scene in Four Weddings and a Funeral with Hugh Grant jumping around shouting a quintessentially English “Oh Fuck” to himself, the difference being I was jumping around shouting a quintessentially Cockney “Fucking Muppet” to myself!!!!

So I woke Vicky up and had to explain, in a panic, that she had to get up cos I had to hand the sheets in and check out within minutes!!!! My head really wasn’t working cos of the beers the night before and every command my brain gave my body seemed to be both delayed and misinterpreted…. I was all over the place!!!! I gave up trying to be quickly methodical in my efforts at speed packing and just resorted to throwing everything in!!!!

So I got ready, packed and checked out within just less than 15 minutes, which meant I was 5 minutes late and there was no bus!!!! Fucking Muppet!!!! But then thought and hoped the bus might be late so chilled and spent some last moments with Vicky (nice girl)….. then the bus turned up, lucky enough being 10 minutes late!!! Nice one!!!

So, says me goodbyes and jumps on the bus with my head still really not working properly and a Canadian couple being really nice, but continually trying to engage me in conversation. Really didn’t need that, but didn’t have the heart to tell them to “Shut the fuck up…. I’m really not interested!!!”. Resorted to searching my bag for my walkman and the entire contents of the bag went over the floor just before we picked up a group of Japaneses!!! Oh my God…. you wouldn’t believe how long it took me to collect everything back up and fit back in my bag, before they could get in!!! I just started drinking gallons of water, hoping that’ll sort me out.

Anyway, we gets to airport and the driver asks me what terminal I need to be dropped at. I was like “Brother… I got no idea…. but I’m going to Ayers Rock if that helps”. So he took me to the one he reckoned was right and as I got my back pack off he asked me for my ticket for the bus. I had no idea where it was and so had to unpack all of my bag on the pavement!!!! Found the ticket and the geezer drove off, leaving me to repeat the packing exercise again…. I was really bored of it by then!

Anyhow, I goes through and checks in and goes through to departures….. then it hit me…. I’d booked the bus pretty early so I would be one of the first to check in so I could guarantee myself a window seat so I could see the outback from the air as we flew across it. My head was in such a state I’d completely forgot about that plan and hadn’t asked for a window seat. I looked at my boarding pass and was gutted to see the letter D by my row number. FUCKING MUPPET!!!! That’s blatantly not a window seat!!!

I immediately rushed back to the counter to see if I could have it changed but by that time all the window seats had gone. The women said I could ask the flight attendants on board and they might be able to do something, but probably not. Oh well, I thought, but then had a Basil Fawlty moment and really wanted to punch a flower!!!! 🙂

Later I proceeded to board and once on the plane I explained the situation to the flight hostesses. One of them, Chinese looking and called Lee Lee (nice touch), took my boarding pass and looked at it. She said… “Oh, you were 55th to check in…. you could’ve got a window seat at that time”…… I looked at her and said “Well thanks for that……that makes me feel so much better”

……she laughed ……… I didn’t!!!!!   😦

But then they said that I should wait there and they’d see what they could do. It was a picture, they were walking up and down the aisle asking people if there was anyone sitting there etc, really trying to sort me out, then I got the signal…. they’d found one!!!!…. and it was by the fire escape…. bonus!!!! So I sat down, but then the other hostess explained that “There still might be a couple more people to board and I may have to move, but fingers crossed hey”. Then I saw a couple of people walking down the aisle……. I knew where they were heading, but intensively tried to keep myself in denial. I thought “If only I was an ostrich, then I could bury my head in the sand and no one would notice me”. But I wasn’t and apparently they don’t do that anyway!!!…… and then the inevitable….. “Excuse me, I think you might be in my seat”….. dont you just hate that line!!!!!

Oh Bugger!!! So I got up and went to find my allocated seat, and guess what….. some bastard was only sitting in it!!!! So I used the killingly annoying line and he went to get up, but then I said “Oh, dont worry mate”. The hostess said I could sit where I wanted, so I went back to the fire escape aisle and ended up having a half decent view anyway.

Three and a half hours later, my heads finally sorted and I got my first view of Ayers Rock. It was amazing. And from then on some wonderful manifestations started to occur.

love and light,


Miller and the Olgas Adventure Part V

After we got back, and had dinner, I started talking and having a bubble with these Aboriginal women. They were good fun and wanted to know if I was married…… always the case with these girls!!!…. I dunno if they like me in particular or any guy that’s nice to them!!!! Because they weren’t hotel guests they couldn’t get drinks at the bar, so they used me as their alcoholic supplier, giving me the wonga to go and get their drinks for them. I was happy to oblige…. but boy could they drink!!!!!! 🙂

Later, Paul and Yvonne joined me in the bar and after a while I clocked some Aboriginal guys having a beer, and saw that one of them was one of the friends of the women I was talking to earlier…. I hadn’t seen the man in the brochure, so I hoped maybe these guys could shed some light on my question. I walked over and politely introduced myself. Richard recognised me and gave me a nice welcome and I explained I’d like to know about the Olgas. I asked if any of them was an Elder and Richard said this guy was, but didn’t speak the best English. I explained the journey that I’d been on, and that I didn’t need to know the traditional Aboriginal stories related to the Olgas because they were a private matter for the Aboriginals, but there was something that I wanted to ask about them. Richard was translating, but he said the Elder understood what I was saying, and they seemed to be quite open to me.

So I quickly ran back to my room to get my book Heavens Mirror to show them the pictures of Stonehenge and Angkor Wat, and to get the ring, that has inscriptions on it, which I “found” at Stonehenge ( I’ll tell that story in due course ) on the Spring Equinox.

On my return I explained that the energy at the Rock felt masculine to me and that I thought the Olgas represented feminine energy, yet the Aborigines use the Olgas for “Men’s Business” and the Rock for “Women’s Business”. Now I think that the Aborigines couldn’t possibly have made such a mistake and so I believed that they used the Rock as a place for women to achieve balance/oneness and the Olgas as a place for men to achieve balance/oneness…….. but I didn’t want to put the words into the geezers mouth. I just wanted confirmation of the conclusions I’d been drawn to. So I just asked if the Aborigines believed that the Olgas represented feminine energy? But even as I spoke to him, I just saw a look of blankness in his eyes…….. I didn’t believe he even had an answer to my question……. he said something to in Aboriginal to Richard and Richard said “He wants you to buy him a beer”.

I felt completely disheartened….. I just fell silent for about a minute, I couldn’t believe it…. I was talking to an Elder, about Spiritual matters, and all he seemed to care about was the beer…. he didn’t even appear to pay any attention to the pictures in the book…. I threw the ring on the picture of Stonehenge and said, looking the geezer in the eye, “There are some things in this world which are worth more than beer” then, picking up the bottle with the remains of my beer and banging it infront of him “Have mine if it means so much to ya”. I then walked straight to the bar and bought a beer for Richard, returning and thanking him for his help…. to be honest.… he didn’t seem too bothered and didn’t even say thank you…. oh well.

I returned to join Yvonne and she noticed how down I looked and I told the story of what had just happened. She said…”Lee….. it’s a shame they’re conditioned by beer…. but at least they heard you out and made an attempt to talk to you about it….. not everyone would’ve got that far with them”. I could see there was a truth in what she said, but I still felt let down and I wondered if any Aborigine was enlightened enough, anymore, to know that they were in “dream time” with every breath that they took. But I also knew that just because of the mere fact that I was asking these questions, the answers would cross my path.

Before bed I gave Paul and Yvonne the keys to the car and wished them a good nights sleep. In the morning they returned at 10 and had actually done the sunrise at the Rock, the base walk and had revisited the Olgas. That took my KM over my allowance, but we’d already agreed that they would cover that and just split the petrol seeing as we’d both done the same milage. That was cool with me…… I was glad to pass on a favour.

So I took the car back and blagged a lift back from the airport. At some point I saw Yvonne looked down. I asked what was up and she said she wanted to stay at the Rock for Christmas, but because she’d chopped and changed the plans so much before, Paul had had enough and wanted to stick to the plan of moving on to Perth. “If it’s gonna be hot you may as well be in a special place like Ayers Rock for Christmas” I said “but you should probably just leave the decision to the Universe and toss a coin for it!!!!”…. So I said I’d have a word with Paul and dually did so. When I left Yvonne and Paul made an effort to see me off, which I was grateful for, and I asked if they’d come to a decision about Christmas. Paul said….”Not yet, but they’d probably toss a coin for it” I goes “That’s exactly what I said to Yvonne you should do!!!”…. me and Paul were exactly on the same wave length!!!!!!! 🙂

And then I said my goodbyes and departed.

So…………. are the Olgas Feminine? I honestly cant say because I already came to the Olgas with a preconception in mind. But what I would say is that Ayers Rock stands proud before you on the horizon and demands your respect through its sheer physical presence………… whereas the Olgas …… well their domes create curves which are reminiscent of the curves on a woman’s body.….. and their shadows create an air of mystery and wonder….. the Olgas make you want to fall in love with them…. and in that statement I think I just answered my own question!!!

So here’s to the Masculine and the Feminine,
To Mistletoe and Holy,
And here’s to a Merry Christmas and Very Happy New Year.

Love and Light,


Miller and the Olgas Adventure Part IV

So I woke up about 12 and went for a swim. When I returned to my room, there was a couple in there. We said our hellos and started talking about the Rock (obviously!!!!!), and as they’d just got there they were wondering what to do. I said it was all a rip off with the transport and that the resort had a monopoly here. I said that when I first arrived I expected there to have been some kind of public bus service at a reasonable price, and they concurred with having the same expectation. I told them I had a car and was going out to the Olgas for the sunset and I could leave a bit earlier if they wanted to do the walks around there before hand. Paul and Yvonne both said that I didn’t have to do that and they’d give me some money… I was like… dont be silly, I dont expect anything for it, I’m going out there anywhere and I’d rather read a book waiting at a nice spot there then by the side of the swimming pool. I told them it was mid summers day and they were a mixture of surprised enthusiasm while kicking themselves for not noting it themselves!!!! They said ok…. we’ll just check some stuff out and see you later. Cool as…. I was glad to be able to help someone out and didn’t expect anything for it.

So I went off to have a shower and had a thought. You remember the last time I was there someone I didn’t know gave me their bike…….. well….. I thought – “You know what, after this evening I wont need the car anymore and yet I’ve got it until late morning tomorrow…. I could go one better then giving a complete stranger my bike….. I’ll offer them my CAR!!!!”. Fuck…. what a thought…. if they accept that offer then that would be fantastic and yet another parallel to my last visit!!!! And what a parallel…. that’s what life’s about – having faith in people and passing it on!!!!!

I thought, however, that they may not go for it…… even some travellers dont always go with the flow and take an opportunity they’ve created and that the universe has presented to them, worrying more about rules and regulations. So I formulated a strategic persuasive battleplan for that eventuality…… if they at first turned it down I was gonna say….”Look…. No.1….. the roads are dead straight and there’s hardly any traffic…. what the fuck can happen, No.2…. even if it does happen all you’ve got to say is you’re me and No.3….. it’s a well known fact that in Australia most Aborigines and out back farmers dont even bother with car insurance anyway….. they give a massive middle finger to the government and the regulations, and so the authorities see that they’re up for a fight……. and so dont bother with them!!!! Too much hassle you see……. governments dont like that…. they prefer to push around the people that they’ve made easy to control!!!

So…. armed with my battleplan I waited for Paul and Yvonne to return. Eventually they turned up and I asked them what they were talking about the moment before I walked through the door and met them. Yvonne said that actually they were getting stressed about what they were gonna do about seeing the Rock and about the price of everything!!!!

Aha!!!!!….. I thought…. there you go…… and I put my proposition to them…. and guess what…. being the cool people they were……. they took the opportunity with open hands without me even putting my plan into action!!!! It turned out that Yvonne and Paul had just sold off their care home for people with learning disabilities because the system was fucking them over with needless rules and regulations and bureaucracies. They’d run it for 6 years and not one client who became a resident ever wanted to leave!!! They also said the down side of that was that they’d had the same clients for 6 years and weren’t meeting any new residents with different challenges!!! I explained I had a similar background and confirmed their experiences with that of my own…. which were also very disheartening when dealing with councils and community facilitators.

They told me a few years ago they’d been running a social club for adults with disabilities, running 3 nights a week, with a membership of over 150 people. They run it on a grant from the council of just 8000 pounds a year…. and for many members it was their only form of social interaction…… yet a couple of years in the council cut their grant to 4000 pounds and the club had to shut down!!!! I said it winds me up that every March you see councils spending hundreds of thousands of pounds of their budgets on needless road improvements…. putting in curb stones where perfectly good ones already existed!!!… and putting in traffic lights where they were blatantly not needed…… creating more traffic!!!!! And yet valuable community facilities get a pittance and then have that pittance halved!!! Paul said he’d used exactly the same example a couple of days earlier….. we were totally on the same wave length!!!!

*You see….. the government isn’t there for you….. it’s there to control you. It hasn’t got your best interests at heart…. it has its own interests at heart…. it isn’t there to protect you…. it’s there to keep you living in fear to protect itself….. it’s not there to help you achieve your potential…. it’s there to keep you just above the bread line working your arse off just to get by so that you’ve no time to contemplate the true meaning of life and ask the question of why you are in fact here!!!! It’s there to brainwash you into believing that life’s a struggle and you need it there for your security….. cos otherwise what you gonna do when you get ill or you get old or, god forbid, a terrorist knocks on your door!!!!! And you pay all your taxes funding the very same system that enslaves you….. well done! Life was never meant to be a struggle.*

So we left for the Olgas and it was nice to have company…. even if it meant not being able to bang out the tunes on the cd player!!! I drove straight to the gorge walk and was glad I did it earlier cos it was so busy at that time. I explained to the guys where to go and said I’ll find a spot and do a bit of reading. We arranged to meet in about an hour…. so I found a seat under some shade, next to this German woman…… and for about half an hour I witnessed this woman being totally taken out by the flies……. waving her arms about, shaking her head and blowing every time one landed near her lips!!! It was a bit unsettling, but also quite funny!!! I thought…. girl… either get used to the flies or go and sit in your car!!!!! 🙂 As it happens the flies weren’t really going near me….. perhaps they prefered Germans!!!!…. but I think it had more to do with the fact that she was giving out an energy/fear that the flies disturbed her…… and I was giving out an energy that I really didn’t give a shit about the little bastards….. and so they were attracted to her energy and not mine……… ok then………. maybe it was the Frankfurters!!!!!;-)

After one particular outburst of blowing, waving and shaking I turned away from my book and looked at her….. we got eye contact and both immediately burst out laughing…..what do you need language for?!!!!!!! 🙂

After that I felt I wanted to take in the views and take the place in. I was on the designated track, but it didnt feel right there with so many people walking back and forth. I wanted to be in the nature and so wandered a hundred or so yards into the bush….. I know…. what a liberty!!! But what I was pleased in myself about is that I didnt have to deal with all the pre-conditioned bullshit this time round. I found a spot and took in the sheer magnificance of the rock domes that stood before me…. the energy here was really powerful and I felt it following through me as I stood there…. it made me feel balanced and at peace…… I didn’t want to move…. I was simply happy in the silence.

After a bit I started looking out for the Bristollers, as I could see the path from where I was, and within a few minutes I saw them and went out to meet them. It was still an hour and a half until sunset so I offered to take them to the other path where they could walk to a viewpoint within 30 minutes. They said yes so off we went. We arrived at the Valley of the Winds and it was completely deserted… it felt fantastic and myself and the Bristollers acknowledged the fact. So off they went, arranging to meet back in about 50 minutes… dead on this time so we could make the sunset viewing spot, and I sat down to read my book….. then after a couple of minutes I looked up ahead of me……. one of the domes below the highest summit was about 500 yards directly infront of me and I just knew I wanted to be up there. So I made my way through the bush… which was quite dense in places…. eventually arriving at its base…. and then I began to climb. It was beautiful, there was no one about and it felt right for me to be there.

I reached the summit of the dome and looked out over the landscape…. it was beautiful. To my left, in the distance, I could see the Bristollers who had just reached the viewpoint, and then I looked behind me, taking in the magnificence of what I think is the highest dome summit in the Olgas. I felt at peace and I turned back out to face the landscape and opened out my arms to just above waist height…….

*If a couple of born again Christians had walked past they would have said to themselves…”Whats he doing with his arms?”.…..”I dunno…. imitating Jesus?”……. “Well he better be….cos he’ll never catch fish like that!!!”;-) *

………I felt the energy……… and I felt connected……. and as I stood there in my West Ham shirt, I felt like I’d just completed something….. I knew that in that moment I had achieved something very special and I had full appreciation for what I had done…. This year I had marked the Spring Equinoxes at Stonehenge and Ayers Rock, and the Summer Solstices at Angkor Wat and the Olgas……. I remembered some of the experiences I’d had during that journey…….. I felt like a higher power acknowledged the effort I had made in making that journey……… And I felt thankful.

SelfTimer Off

I made my way down and negotiated my way back onto the path and met up with the couple from Bristol. They thanked me for doing this for them and I explained that I was equally thankful because I probably wouldn’t have come back here if it wasn’t for them….. and I was very glad for it. We drove out to the sunset viewing area…. and thankfully it was….. ON THE GROUND!!!! So I had no need to venture anywhere else!!!! The sunset looked beautiful on the Olgas, but along the horizon was cloud cover so the colours “switched off” before the sun was completely gone, so I turned and watch the clouds and colours which were created in the sky…… it was so beautiful (I’m gonna have to get a thesaurus….. surely there’s more words in the English language which do a scene as much justice as the word beautiful!!!!).… it was covered with oranges, reds, blues and whites…….. much like the scene on a Northern Irish Orange Order march…… except without all the trouble!!!! 😉

As it happened we were the first there and the last to leave, being thrown out by the park ranger and it was almost dark as we drove away. No one said much in the car…. we were just listening to Ash, and me for one contemplating the events of the day. I had a peculiarly familiar feeling as I drove back through the bush…. I had the same sensation I always have when I’m driving anywhere in the west country after being out for the day and returning home at dusk…… it was pleasantly reminiscent of one of the most secure feelings I’ve ever had the pleasure to feel…. the English West Country is where my heart is and where, if I ever settle down, I hope to find myself….. Australia may well have the most positive energy I’ve ever encountered…. but England possesses an energy which is simply magical in its mystery.

Love and Light,


Miller and the Olgas Adventure Part III

Was up at 4.30 and off by 5. It was pretty cool in the car and being able to whack the tunes on all the way there. Depending on your speed, the Olgas are about 45 minutes from the resort and it was a good drive underneath the stars. I got to the viewing area just as the sky on the horizon was starting to turn blue and walked along the metal walkway to the viewing platform they had there. I wasn’t happy about that….. it was the sunrise of the Mid-Summer Solstice…. and I wanted to be in contact with the Earth as I experienced it….. but just like yesterday I was being held back by this conditioning after reading the signs there….. “Please respect Aboriginal land and help protect the vegetation by not leaving the viewing area” or words to that effect.

Now…. with the amount of people who trample through that area, those sentiments are quite reasonable if you’re just a tourist wishing to witness an event……. my reasons for being there were far deeper, and how many of those tourists who would be there for sunrise that morning would actually know that it was the southern hemisphere mid summers day…….. well based on my preliminary surveys…… NONE!!!!! So it wouldn’t matter as much to them as it did to me to be in contact with the Earth as the sun rose that day……….. but I was still giving myself a hard time about it……

Where does it feel right to be?……. Sitting over there in the sand……. So why cant you just go and do that?…… Because it says it would be disrespectful and I might damage the environment?…… What’s the name of the person you’re gonna disrespect and why exactly will they be offended?…… Dunno and dunno…. Ok, so if you walk a few yards off the platform and sit in the sand amongst the salt bush, where it feels right for you to be, what kind of damage are you gonna do?…… Well, I’m gonna leave some footprints in the sand and maybe an indentation of my arse!…….. And will those footprints damage the environment forever?…… No, they’ll probably be blown over within the next couple of days……. So you’re telling me by having this experience you’re gonna leave some footprints in the sand – Fucking wanker you are hey, fucking evil disrespectful bastard, people like you should be locked up. Footprints in the sand – what a crime!!!! You must be the worst kind of human being!!!!!!!!!!!!…………. Alright, enough already – point taken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With that I jumped over the barrier and just walked about 15 yards across the sand behind a mound and a bush so no-one could see me and I had the feeling of experiencing the sunrise by myself. And when I sat down it was beautiful…… in the distance silhouetted by the blueing sky on the horizon, where the sun was rising…. was…. Ayers Rock.

It looked so special, and on my left were the even more beautiful domes that make up the Olgas. The way the light reflected and cast shadows along those wonderfully curved contours was truly exceptional….. and as the night turned into dawn, the colours that reflected at me were so deep and mysterious. I was so glad I’d got there so early as it meant I was able to witness the sunrise in its completion. No-one was still about and I’d already been there for around 35 minutes. It was so peaceful, looking at the Olgas, and the stars, and then looking down towards Ayers Rock and the glowing horizon.

*The day before I’d been looking at a postcard with an arieal photo of the Olgas, Ayers Rock and another mountain in the distance (I’ve forgotten the name of that one)…….. but I was amazed to notice that in the middle of this completely flat terrain…. these 3 features seemed to form a perfect straight in conjunction with each other. Seeing as the energy is amazing around the Rock and the Olgas….. maybe these features mark the path of a ley line.*

And then…….. the sound of motorised transport in the distance…. and by the time it became fully light, just before the sunrise itself, it sounded as if there were around 70-80 people there…… and I began to feel stressed. I tried to control myself…. but on the one hand the noise disturbed me and on the other I was still stressing that someone may see my foot prints…. and…. What would they think???!!!……. “Who gives a fuck Lee…. We’ve already established that you really aint committing a terrible crime…. Ignore your mind its full of shit!!!….. Listen to your heart and take in the experience.”

So, periodically, I enjoyed the watching the sunrise and the changing colours of the Olgas as the light reached and shone upon them…… but I was shocked how the way I’d lived my life for the past month and a half or so had really put me back to the conditioning of the consensus reality…. it didn’t feel good….. I felt as though I was even betraying myself and letting myself down by even paying heed to those programmed thoughts.

And then…. the sun had completed its ascent above the horizon to be in full view…….. and everyone scarpered!!! Jumping into their cars, vans and mini-buses and driving off to somewhere else…… and I was in beautiful peace again. 🙂 I stayed there for another 45 minutes or so…… enjoying the colours and the shadows as the light became stronger and the elevation of the sun changed in its angle. I was pleased I’d made the decision to jump the barrier….. I felt like I’d rediscovered myself again.

So I journeyed on and got to the predefined walk through the Valley of the Winds. There are only 2 designated walks around the Olgas. That one and a short gauge walk. The signs ask you to keep to the path and do not climb the domes as these are Aboriginal Sacred Lands. To be honest…. that seemed fine to me as the longer walk, even though not encompassing the Olgas, was good enough to experience them and I didn’t stray from the path. They are such a beautiful phenomenon though, you cant help but be struck by them. The only thing I didnt like though, was the fact that they closed the walk if the temperature rose above 36 degrees…… so much for personal risk and liability again……..Warn people of the dangers YES……. Restrict their freedom NO!!!!


“What…. your kid fell off a swing and now you want to sue the council……FUCK OFF!!!!” that’s all they’ve got to say…. but instead they give a big pay out and so encourage other muppets to try the same scam, simultaneously taking down the swings so no other kid has the opportunity to learn that if you’re on a swing….. you really need to hold on!!!!! So the kids coming through swell the muppet population, not having learnt their lessons in life and rely more on the government for all their needs….. it serves their purpose!!!!!!!! Not ours!!!!!!!*

After I’d done that walk I headed for the gorge walk. It was nice to do as there were hardly any people about, and the scene was quite stunning. After I returned to the resort and I got a few hours sleep. What a beautiful start to the day. Lovely  🙂

Love and Light,




Miller and the Olgas Adventure Part II

Throughout the day that I’d arrived I’d been hoping to get another free pass for the National Park and I was thinking about talking to the “right” Aborigine about the Olgas…. I had a question I wanted to ask. I figured that these things would just happen in due course without me making a concerted effort…. but as the day wore on it was looking less and less lightly, but that didn’t concern me…. “whatever” was my attitude.

Then, after I’d had dinner, I went into the TV room and 2 English girls initiated conversation with me. We were having a bit of a laugh and debate, then out of the blue Leigh offered me her pass which expired on….. 21st December, Mid-summers Day… fantastic!!!! Then Hayley offered me her pass too…. But I only needed one!!!!  🙂

21st Dec

After we’d gone to get the passes… and I’d selected Leigh’s one!!! 🙂 …. Hayley started talking of the tour she’d done that day and got a magazine with the picture of the Aboriginal guide that led it…. That was the geezer!!!! He’s the one I needed to talk to. I’d noticed him a few times in the bar the last time I was there and had actually clocked him earlier that day. I immediately went looking for him around the bar…. but he wasn’t about…. Bugger!!! Well….. at least I had the pass!!!

The next day (20th) I went out to the Rock and drove around it then walked around it…. both in the opposite directions to the last time I’d journeyed those routes. It felt right to do it that way and it also gave me a complete perspective of the views and contours around the Big Fella. I had no intentions to go up there on this occasion…… but the path was closed anyway, due to the heat apparently…….. you know what….. if you want to risk dieing of heat exhaustion, surely that’s your choice…. I’m just saying… and if loads of people do start dieing then it will only go to show the kind of muppet world we live in…. and it was their choice…. No-one else is to blame.

I drove around the Big Red Fella first and stopped by the side of the road, which lead to the local Aboriginal community, right on the line where the sign said this was private Aboriginal land and that any trespassers will be fined…… I thought in principle that’s fair enough….. with all the tourists they need some privacy…. but I was hoping to meet an elder so I could ask my question about the Olgas. I hung around for a while…. hoping that someone would pass…. but then thought that this was getting me nowhere and so drove off.

I then parked up and began my walk around the base of the Big Red Fella and as I walked around I noticed that I didn’t feel the same buzz I had the last time I was there and my mind had slipped back into feeling a bit conditioned with “other peoples rules”. When I reached the place where I’d climbed up and had that experience before, I wanted to go up there again…… but found I was held back by this thought……. that I might offend the Aborigines…… aaarrrgghhh for fucks sake Lee!…… So I gave myself a talking to…….. Do you feel it’s right for you to go up there?…….. Yes….. Exactly who are you going to hurt by going up there?….. No-one…. Will you cause any damage by going up there?……No…… So what’s the problem?!!!!……………….

*It’s amazing how quickly you can regress from following your free will. I’d been in Melbourne for around 5 weeks and in Australia you really live in a nanny state. There are rules everywhere…… even small rules which add up to really affecting your everyday life….. and even if you ignore them, it’s that threat of fines which inhibit your freedom of thought if a coppers having a bad day.

Laws like not being allowed to drink out in public areas….. yes people do…. but if your behaving in a civilised manner why should you have the threat of a $5000 fine hanging over your head!!! Fines for not wearing a helmet on a bicycle…… Well I did that at Ayers Rock and quite frankly it was MY RISK and one I’m happy to take cos quite frankly its hardly a risk at all!!!!!!!!!!…… fines for crossing the road when there’s no green man…. I express my free will in a city by crossing the road when…. wait for it…. when there’s no fucking traffic!!!!!!!!…… and yet a copper collared me for doing that the other day!!!!……. and….. yesterday I went to a massive book sale at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre and there were only 2 doors 400 yards apart…… one was the “entrance” and one the “exit” and when I wanted to leave through the door I was closest to the security guard wouldn’t let me out and said I had to leave by the “exit” door….. which was almost a quarter of a mile away!!!…what’s the point?????…. and then there’s the having to have ID melarchy which really pisses me off….. IF YOU”RE NOT DOING ANYTHING NEGATIVE WHY SHOULD YOU HAVE TO PROVE WHO YOU ARE???!!!!!….. and dont give me any of that “Well, if you’ve got nothing to hide” bollocks….. I’ve got a RIGHT to keep a SECRET!!!!!!

Australia’s full of people telling you what you should or shouldn’t do….. EVERYWHERE YOU FUCKING GO!!!!! I came here to live on the edge and really test myself……. if you dont push yourself to the limits how will you ever know what you’re truly capable of????? Yet even in the outback and the National Parks there are signs everywhere telling you that you cant go here or cant do that because its “dangerous”…… FUCK OFF….. let ME assess what’s dangerous for ME to do!!!!! And then there’s the indigenous land ownership regulations…….. if you’re anything other then an Aborigine you get fined if a mere toe has had the audacity to touch the soil of a place where no one exists for miles!!!!!!!

I find its all bollocks!!! And its a shame….. because there’s such a positive energy in this land…. which seems to be under so many restrictions!!! I’ve travelled through over 70 countries now…. and I have to say that Australia is one of the countries where I’ve experienced the least sense of freedom. England (and Great Britain) with all its apparent bureaucracies still remains the freest country I’ve ever been to, with its balance between civilised laws and the freedom to express free will….. but even those are being attacked by the government on a daily basis, under the guise of anti-terrorism!!!!! DONT FUCKING BUY IT……. THEY JUST WANT MORE CONTROL OVER YOU BY MANIPULATING YOU BY FEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS BULL SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

………….So, I saw common sense, broke through those barriers and went up there, sitting in the shade and feeling at peace. I felt so much better for doing it and knew that if I hadn’t done it, and continued on my walk, I would have felt awful. I felt like I’d reclaimed a piece of myself. After half-hour or so I continued on my way and completed the base walk.

That evening I hit the bar and went looking for the Aboriginal guy, and was struck by another converse parallel….. unlike before, the guy now playing live music was completely shit and out of tune, tone, timing and whatever other ability you need in order to be a performer!!!!!…. How the bloody hell did he get the gig?????? At one point he asked the crowd if there were any requests……. yeah……..fuck-off!!!! 😉

I didn’t find the Aboriginal guy so met up with Leigh again and another English woman, and then a German woman joined us, and we had a good crack. It was a funny night and I got to bed a bit earlier this time, ready for the early start in the morning.

Love and Light,


Miller and the Olgas Adventure Part I

So…… What about those Olgas? Well…. I had an amazing time on my return to Central Australia for the Summer Solstice………. it was an almost exact converse parallel of the reality to the one I had encountered before…….

To begin with…. I checked in at Melbourne airport via the E ticket system…. and as “luck” would have it I had been allocated a window seat. Now, being e-ticket, I had the freedom to scan all the seats left… and select whatever I wanted… but seeing as I was already by the window I stuck with the side of the plane I was given.

As I boarded the plane I was waiting by first class for one of the stewards to make their way down the aisle and as he passed he said…”You may as well sit down there and hope no-one notices”…. then he said…”Only joking”. But I thought fuck it…. I’ll have some of that and sat in first class hoping for the best…….. but then got clocked by a woman stewardess who didn’t look best pleased and accused me of being cheeky…. Me…. Cheeky? 😉 So I went and found me proper seat.

Anyway, as we approached Ayers Rock the Captain announced that on the left of the plane you could see the Rock and the Olgas….. for fucks sake……. I was on the right!!!!…. What was the deal with the bloody e-ticket!!!!??? But then, as we turned to land I had the opposite sight to what I had before. Last time when I came to see the Rock…. that’s all I saw from the window…. and then this time I was coming to see the Olgas….. and that’s exactly what I saw as we came into land! They looked beautiful and the fluidity of the moment really struck me as being quite special. That was a nice introduction :-).

And then, when I got to the resort…. well…. all the people were different!!!!!!! I checked into the hotel and was served by the bird who was being a jobsworth over that job application last time…..and she was ….well ….nice!!! She had a lovely “genuine” smile and was helpful to me. I booked a 26 bed dorm and had paid for it….. but she allocated me a 4 bed room for the same price instead…. nice touch!!!  🙂

I wandered over to the car hire place to ask if they had the Avis number (I’d booked a car for 2 days), cos I was gonna be late picking the car up…. and the bird was…. well… helpful…. although she couldn’t help me!!! 🙂 So I wandered over to the tourist info shop….. and …. that bird had time for me aswell, phoned through to the Avis office and everything was cool. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that the place wasn’t half as busy as it was before!!!!

That evening I also bumped into Vici and had a quick chat with her. Apparently Chris and Stuart just left the week before…. they did a long stretch hey!!!….. but what I noticed was that Vici didn’t look half as beautiful as I remembered her and her Norwegian boyfriend……… well…. he looked positively CONSERVATIVE!!!! What a change of perceived circumstance!!!! Bloody hell…. what was going on???!!!

Thing’s were definitely on a different parallel.

Love and Light,


With the Brothers on Venice Beach

Mate, now the only reason I had LA on my round the world ticket was so I could go and shoot some hoops on Venice Beach. After watching White Men Cant Jump in my teens and American History X a bit later – and what an intelligent film that is!!! – I always wanted to get there, but I never thought I would….. but I’d bloody made it!!!! I was fucking there!!!! And fucking hell… what a place it is!!!!

Now, the best way I can describe Venice Beach is by saying that it’s like Camden Town by the sea!!! Or to put it another way, if Camden Town was by the sea… it would be Venice Beach!!!! What do you mean you’ve never been to Camden Town either… well there aint much I can do about that is there… you’re fucked then!!! You’ll just have to imagine!!! 🙂

You’ve basically got every kind of people you could ever think of there….. all mixed in together… with none of those people giving a damn about where the next person comes from. There just seems to be this attitude of – You’re here and I’m here, so lets just show off who we are and let the rest of the world go fuck itself!!! It’s a real Poser’s Paradise… but without the “look at me look at me” bollocks. It’s more like – “Well, you can look at me… but if you don’t, don’t worry about it… because I enjoy looking at myself!!!” 😉 . It’s a place that’s says “I’m cool… and I don’t need anyone to re-affirm it…. because we’re “all cool” here!!!”

And all this occurs by the beach in a place where the sun never stops shinning!!!

Anyway, I clocked the b-ball courts and headed down there, and I was absolutely buzzing… the place was pukka! There are a load of courts and I saw a bunch of guys playing full-court on one of them. I didn’t think I’d get in on the game, but saw this Spalding sitting by the side of their court, and me being me, I’d thought I’d be cheeky and ask to use it!!!

So, I waited for a break in play and when it came I called out “Excuse me, does anyone know whose ball this is?” while pointing at the Spalding. Now, the group were predominantly black, but culturally diverse, and when I called out they all stopped dead and looked at me…. and then one of the black guys replied “Yeah, it’s mine.” So I looks at him and goes “I couldn’t borrow it could I please squire, just to play ball on the next court?” He eyed me, a bit quizzically, took a quick look at the rest of the guys, then stared back at me and said, a bit reservedly , “Yeah, sure.”

“Cheers bud… I’ll just be over there” I replied while picking up the ball and pointing to the hoop I intended shooting at!!!! Top drawer!!! I was buzzing!!! I got the sun, I got the beach, I got the courts…. And now I got the ball!!! Life was certainly looking up for the Limey geezer!!!! 😉

So I bowls over to my intended destination and starts bouncing the ball and popping up the shots! I tell ya… it felt soooo good! Along with Ayers Rock this was another one of those places that, growing up, I’d always dreamed of going to… but I never dreamt I’d ever get there!!! But I was there and I was loving it large man… I was absolutely loving it large!!! And the thing is, when you get there, you realise that everything you’d heard about the place is true…. cos that wind, that comes in from the Ocean, messes with your shot like there’s no tomorrow!!!

Blimey… I dunno about 6-12 inches, but some of my shots were being blown off course by 15!!! It’s mental!!! And there’s nothing more disheartening than shooting an air-ball that you know full well should really have been a swish!!!! But I was learning and adapting pretty fast… and quickly realised that just before you take your shot, and the ball leaves your fingertips… you have to compile a quick weather check in your head and analyse the strength of the wind, its direction and how much it may or may not affect the flight of your ball. And with all that information correlated and compiled…. You’re free to flick your wrist!!! Swish!!!! 😉

It’s got to be the only basketball court in the world where the norm is to score a curler!!!!

The other thing that is so cool, about the courts at Venice Beach, is that there are these bench type stands, dotted around, for spectators to sit on. There was one just to the right of my basket and after only about 5-10 minutes of me shooting up a group of “Brothers” came to sit upon it! They weren’t aggressive, but they did appear to be coming over to “check me out”. I thought “Hello” and then I thought “I better start making some good shots!!!!”…. what else are you meant to bloody think!!!

Anyway, they looked at me and gave me a nod and I likewise did the same back. Then they just started talking amongst themselves and I just continued shooting hoops. After about 20 minutes or so, the guy I had borrowed the ball off of came over to them and started talking (they were his crew!!!) and then after another 5 minutes or so he called out to me “Hey, you wanna play?”

“Fuck yeah” I replied… well not exactly like that… first I thought “Fuck” and then I said “Yeah”!!!!! 🙂

So he strolls over, we shoot for possession and then it was: “Check-ball”. And I couldn’t adam it!!! I’m playing one on one with an American, at Venice Beach, in front of a crew of Brothers!!! What the fuck was happening in my life!!!! This weren’t just top drawer… this was on top of the drawers… and I was well up for it!!!!

So we’re getting into this game, and it’s really nip and tuck, he had a much better inside game than I did, but lucky for me I was pulling off some tough moves and hitting some good outside shots. It’s strange, but at times when I haven’t played sport for a while, I can either be a bit rusty or completely outstanding, and it never appears to be anything in between… and the thing was, probably because I was buzzing so much… and I’m sorry if I have to blow my own trumpet here… on this day I was completely fucking outstanding!!! So much so, that I appeared to be winning the Brothers over and they seemed to be enjoying the spectacle of this strange white guy, with a dodgy English accent – it’s called Cockney!!!! 🙂 – taking their brother to the wire!!!! They were supporting me!!!! And little by little the jovial digs at my opponent… their own brother!!!… began to ensue!!! It was fucking amazing… totally unbelievable… if you can believe that!!! 🙂

21-19… to the Cockney Boy!!!! 🙂 And this guy was vexed!!! “Another game” he insisted, as his crew were giving ME big-ups!!! “Fuck yeah” is what I thought… “Ok” is what I said… as I wasn’t sure where this was going!!!!

Now the thing is, my game, in any sport, is mainly based on running and it’s my endurance that enables me to perform well most of the time. In fact, the longer a game goes on for, the more I want to run, and this guy didn’t have the fitness. 11-7 this time and he was even more vexed!!!!

His crew had lost interest by this time though and were moving on, but the guy, whose ball it was, just couldn’t leave it there and insisted on playing again. And I actually wondered if I should take my foot off of the gas and play more chilled for a bit… but there’s something of the Australian in me when it comes to sport – you play your very best until the very end… no matter what!!!! And I wish the English were a bit more like that at times… then we might have won a few more World Cups!!!!

So it was into game three, his crew had gone and it’s just me, him, a basket and a ball, and of course… Venice Beach!!!! And I was still buzzing!!!! 11 -3 … game over. He was too tired to be vexed this time. He just gave me respect, took his ball and departed. He was a really nice guy and, to be fair, was a better player than me. I’d only won because I just run him into the ground – and now I’m back to being English again!!!! 😉

But as I watched Paul walk into the distance, leaving me standing there by myself, it was a bit of an anti-climax. “Maybe winning wasn’t everything” I thought to myself and I suddenly felt a bit sorry for him… for fucks sake!!!… and that’s the worst (or maybe the best!!!) thing about being English… is that you care about other people… even more than you do yourself at times… and if you don’t… then you’re not fucking English… you’re just a cunt!!! Sorry, but that’s just the way I see it.

That moment could well have been the worst moment in all of that geezers sporting life… losing to a Cockney geezer from the East End of London, in front of all his mates, and yet it is probably one of the most treasured moments that I shall ever experience in all of my sporting life… beating an American from Los Angeles, at basketball, on Venice Beach. That moment was probably his worst nightmare and yet it was my greatest dream. How’s that for a polarity?

But the overwhelming feeling I have, until this day, is that I wish I lost the last game we played. And I don’t care if that feeling is wrong or if it’s right… I just feel it’s that feeling that makes me human.

Lots of Love,


P.S. I know the tune I’ve posted with this adventure is East Coast, but the adventure is about Venice Beach, a place where anything goes and everyone is welcome. Halleluiah, Hiphop Hooray. Peace.

P.P.S. The Academy came after my “time”… but so pleased it manifested!!! Much Love 🙂

Miller and the Moteoka Adventure

Well, since I’ve been in New Zealand I’ve really felt back in the flow. I’ve been focused on myself and the results are amazing…….. every thought I have plays out in reality (it has been all along, but what I mean is……. I’ve retaken control again). On Sunday I was hitching into Moteoka, got a lift off a nice English couple and as we were just hitting the outskirts of town , we passed a back packers, and I thought “I should check in there”. I was out hoping to find a computer to buy cheap. So they stopped, dropped me off and I went in and was asking about the local area and about where to buy a computer. The woman in there informed me about a couple of shops in town that were a good bet and we chatted for a bit, then I suddenly had the intuition to leave.

So I immediately, and politely, said goodbye and went out to the road to hitch again. After about 30 seconds a woman picked me up and as we’re driving the last mile into town when I thought I’d mention about the fact I was looking to buy a computer. She said…”You’re in luck….. my husband sells computers……. he gets them donated and makes them up to give to Kindergardens!!!”…..”How much can I buy one for?” I asked……”He’ll probably do one for you for $70″….That’s less then 30 pounds!!!!! Sorted! So I took her number and her husband delivered it to me yesterday…. it ended up costing $100 for what I needed, but he got me discs and plug adaptor leads as well. Pukka!!!!! Nice people too…. they gave me an open invitation to theirs whenever I want and I went on to pop around for her husband’s birthday celebration. It was so lovely, they just made me feel like one of the family.

So, anyway, I now have a computer in my room and so dont have to pay the extortionate fees for the internet anymore!!!……. just write it, save it and then go and send it!!!!! 🙂 Top drawer!!!!

So…. Laos…. 🙂

And then weeks later:

After a few weeks of writing in Kiwiland, I had a strong intuition that I needed to be back at Stonehenge for the Equinox. I didn’t know why really, but my emotions were smashed up again and I wanted to go home. I just wanted to be back in England. I’d had enough of the adventures and so, all in all, it wasn’t a difficult decision to make. So I just packed my bags, left the computer where it was and headed for home.


After making the decision I immediately felt better and, as it turned out, the trip home was quite an adventure too…

Love and Light,


Miller and the Queenstown Adventure

Hey Guys…. Check this out –

“WARNING: Under New Zealand law it is extremely unlikely that you will be able to sue anyone if you are injured. In addition, New Zealand’s accident compensation scheme provides only limited assistance to visitors to New Zealand who are injured. We recommend that all visitors to New Zealand have full insurance covering any injury they might suffer, including medical treatment cover, before undertaking this activity.”

And that’s part of the agreement you have to sign when doing the adventure sports in Queenstown!!!! How bang on is that!!!!!!! Basically its saying you dont even have to be insured if you wanna do an activity……… its up to you………. but if you get injured after listening to the instructions, then its your own fault for being a TWAT……. and dont go crying and blaming anyone neither……… stroll on!!!!…… on crutches if you have to!!!!! I’m fucking loving this country!!!!! 🙂

And mate….. I’ve had a wickid couple of days!!!! Did the jet boat through the canyon, narrowly avoiding the rocks by inches at 50 mph and loving the 360 spins…. but it weren’t particulary white knuckle. I stuck me head over the side as we zoomed past the rocks…. but even that didnt dramatically increase the buzz. So I needed something which tested the adrenelin a bit more and I got it yesterday!!!!

Did the Canyon Swing, which is basically a 100m rope attached to another rope stretched across the canyon at about 150m above the river. You get harnessed in and then just ……..  jump!!!! Its pukka!!! Did the first one jumping backwards and then I asked to do the ultimate one…… upside down, facing forwards with your hands reaching to the ground! You have to pull a cord to drop yourself from that position (Well its pretty hard to jump with your legs up in the air!!!!) and mate….. WHAT A FUCKING RUSH!!!!!!! I wish I had a bloody picture of the expression on my face as I free fell, for about 3 seconds, before the swing took motion….. it was bloody amazing!!!!……. you cant even help but to let out a little involuntary sream as you fall face first, feet from the side of the canyon seemingly only inches from the rocks as they pass you by!!!!….. at least I did…. what a man!!!! :-)…. I reckon I must’ve looked like some kinda cartoon caricature as plummeted to my …….buzz!!!!


I swear…….if I ever decide to commit suicide I’m going out like that!!!! What a buzz…. what a way to end it!!!! Those people at Beachy Head cliffs in Sussex have definitely got the right idea!!!!! Lucky bastards!!!!! I bet they were buzzing when they met their maker!!!! And I reckon God’s a bit pissed everytime one of those guys comes through the tunnel and he sees their reaction……. I swear…….. you cant help laughing once its over!!!! 🙂

And woe betide if it’s the Catholic God they come across……. “You obviously haven’t learnt your earthly lessons…….. I’m sending you straight down to hell for your insolence!!!!!!”……..”Well….as long as I get to jump there!!!!!” has gotta be the only reply!!!! 😉

*Gotta put this in at this point. There’s a pub called The Thatch in the surfing resort of Croyde in North Devon, and in the gents toilets there’s the best poster I’ve ever seen. Just above the urinals….. smack bang in front of you, for your pleasure while you’re taking a jimmy, is a poster explaining how all the different religions of the world interpret the phrase…….. “Shit Happens”. This is it :

Shit Happens






and last…. but my God…. by no means least…….


How fucking funny is that?!!!!:-)….. its funny cos its true!!!!! I can totally relate to how I used to feel from being a protestant!!!! Bloody hell…….. the dogs, I do believe 😉 *

Anyway, after that, there was only one thing that I could do to top it………… and so in the afternoon I did a skydive………. and that took the dogs bollocks to an all new level!!!!!! 😉 Pukka day…. had by me!!! Yippee!!! 🙂

Love and Light,


Miller and the Adventure into New Zealand

Well, I’m in New Zealand now and what a place it is. So peaceful in its beauty. I immediately felt the vibe the moment I flew into Wellington. The purity’s intoxicating!!!!!! You cant help but feel at ease with yourself and everything around you.

A few days ago I did a walk along the southern pass to swim in the sea at Island Bay, and the water was exquisite……. perfectly clear and bleeding freezing…. I loved it!!!! A REAL test of the sensations and so reminiscent of home! In fact, as I swam and looked upon the houses, dotting the hills and lining the valleys along the coastline, the scene (with the cliffs) couldn’t help but resemble that of Devon and Cornwall back home.

And the climate too feels so similar and absolutely refreshing……… today it’s drizzling!!!!! Fan-fucking-tastic….. how I’ve bloody missed drizzle!!!!! You see…….. in most regions of the world if you ask the question “Is it raining outside?” you get a one word answer….. either yes or no, and that will generally suffice (or in some places that question doesnt even exist!!!!!! How boring is that!!!! What do people have to talk about?!!!!)…….. but in England (and Britain) you need CLARIFICATION and the anwser must never stop there!!!! “What type of rain” is the information you are required to supply!!! 🙂 Is it spitting? Or is it heavy? Patchy or torrential? ….. (And who the invented patchy rain anyway…..what a gonad!!!!)…. and God forbid it’s that fine rain….. oooohhhhhh fine rain, sends shivers down your spine……. worst kind of rain that….. soaks you through without you even noticing!!!!! Be prepared when there’s fine rain!!!….. and now I’m sounding like some kind of old woman!!!!! 🙂

I have some wonderful first impressions of New Zealand though. It feels like how England (and the British Isles) may once have been….. before the time of the Druids……. before the times of Myths and Legends…….. and before the time that man manipulated the land. It still possesses a chastity pure in its honesty……… yet crying out for its magic to be awakened…… it’s virginity unlocked….. so that its mysteries can be created.

Lord of the Rings may well have been written with England in mind…… but on all of planet Earth, only New Zealand could’ve truly brought that story to life. New Zealand, for me, is the essence of purity.

Love and Light,